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  1. I need the real value of &aacute, &bacute . .. . . .. php doesn't have a native function to convert it?
  2. I can't modify the string that I get, because it's became from a thirdparty script It's ok to output in the broswer, but I can't use for sql selects/inserts . . . .
  3. how to convert this "&acute" html char to real value of it?
  4. mssql upload only 4kb, is this a configuratoion? using interbase I can fill blob fields with more than 4 kbs, but no in mssql.
  5. I'm using window.opener.reload(false) to reload a page open byanother, but how to keep the form fields with their values?
  6. anyone knows a php forum with database abstraction?
  7. is it possible? [code] SELECT * FROM table1 IF(SOMEFIELD = 'SOMETHING')    BEGIN    WHERE SOMEOTHERFIELD = 'SOMEOTHERTHING'    END   [/code] i'm trying to atribute some other clauses im my sql if somefield have somevalue is it possible?
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