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  1. The problem was not the query but it was the database fields. For some reason these fields were set as BLOB. When i converted them to TEXT the problem was solved. BLOB fields can not be case-insensitive. I thank you all for your help. Problem solved :-)
  2. Unfortunately this did not solve the problem. I already had a *_ci collation set for the database. I could not succeed in setting a lowercase command for the full text example you gave me. (that's all me.. i know :-( but still it didn't solve the problem) In the first example i have the exact same outcome as before. The text in the first field returns the right records. Yet the other fields don't return records when searching for a word that contains a captital letter.
  3. Hi, My search query will not return any records when i search for words that are entered into my database with a capital letter. The problem seems to be that i am searching in 3 different database fields and only one field returns records containing a capital letter. here is the an example of the code: $qeury = SELECT * FROM table WHERE LOWER(field_1) OR LOWER(field_2) OR LOWER(field_3) LIKE '%$search%' ORDER BY date The search works well on field_1. When i enter a search that i know is in one of the other fields and contains a capital letter then there is no match. field_2 and field_3 are not converted to lower-case for some reason. Your help will be greatly appreciated!
  4. I am trying to get my language selection to work by using a dropdown menu and saving the selection in a session variable. It will not switch the language and just stay on the default language. Even if the default language is changed and the script uploaded again the language will not change untill the browser is closed and openened again. It seems like the value in the session does not change. Thanks in advance!! Here is the code. It might be a mess by now because i have tried so many things. <? if (isset($_SESSION['lang'])){ $lang = $_SESSION['lang']; } else if (isset($_POST['langselect'])){ $lang = $_POST['langselect']; } else if (isset($_GET['langselect'])) { $lang = $_GET['langselect']; } switch ($lang) { case 'nederlands': $_SESSION['lang'] = 'nederlands'; include ("nl_lang.php"); break; case 'enlish': $_SESSION['lang'] = 'enlish'; include ("eng_lang.php"); break; default: $_SESSION['lang'] = 'nederlands'; break; } langheader(); ?> <div align="right"> <select name="langselect"> <option value=<?""$lang""?>>Language selection</option> <option value="english">Enslish</option> <option value="nederlands">Nederlands</option> </select> </div>
  5. izzy

    Language selection

    Thanks for your feedback and answers. brotherZ, What you mention is the route i was thinking about too. Do you have an example of how to get the values from an external file?
  6. izzy

    Language selection

    Hi guys and gals, I would like to make my site a multi language site. As this might involve a lot of work i prefer to only have to do this once and do it right. So i would like to have suggestions on how to do this the right way so that: * visitors can easily change the language of the site * other languages can easily be added when needed * this function does not make the website slow in any way Any and every sugestion is welcome. Thanks in advance!!

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