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  1. This topic has been moved to JavaScript Help. http://www.phpfreaks.com/forums/index.php?topic=336874.0
  2. If you don't post your code between tags, nobody will be able to help you at all. Ken
  3. Actually, you can use print_r inside an echo. Like this: <?php echo '<pre>' .print_r($array, true) . '</pre>'; ?> You can do something similar in the mail function <?php mail($to,$subject,print_r($array,true),$headers); ?> Ken
  4. What do you mean by " i am unable to read the the data using PHP"? What have you tried? Do you get errors? Please post your code between tags. Ken
  5. Try this instead: <?php $result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM Main WHERE SHA256 is NULL"); ?> Ken
  6. This topic has been moved to Application Frameworks. http://www.phpfreaks.com/forums/index.php?topic=336674.0
  7. Change <?php echo "<tr class='odd'><td>...</td>"; ?> to <?php $class = ($class == 'odd')?'even':'odd'; echo "<tr class='$class'><td>...</td>"; ?> and put <?php $class = 'even'; ?> before the loop Or change <?php echo "<tr class='odd'><td>...</td>"; ?> to <?php $class = ($i%2 != 0)?'odd':'even'; echo "<tr class='$class'><td>...</td>"; ?> Ken
  8. How about <?php $letters_numbers = array('A'=>'05','P'=>'36','W'=>'23','E'=>'13'); $numbers_letters = array('05'=>'Y','36'=>'A','23'=>'e','13'=>'P'); $str = 'APWE'; $new_str = ''; foreach (str_split($str) as $char) { $new_str .= $numbers_letters[$letters_numbers[$char]]; } echo $new_str; ?> Ken
  9. Please don't double post. You can edit your original post for 10 minutes. After that just add additional information as a reply to the thread. Ken
  10. A more readable version would be to use "{ }" around the variables: <?php $with=array("<a href='index.html'>index</a>", "<a href='{$xmlcitydata->data->main_backlink_rt_1}/{$xmlcitydata->data->city_name}.html'>{$xmlcitydata->data->city_kw_1_rt_1}</a>"); ?> Ken
  11. In this forum, you post your code between tags. Ken
  12. Does this have anything to do with PHP? Without seeing your code, it's pretty hard to tell you what's going wrong. Ken
  13. Please post your code between tags. This sample code works for me: <?php for ($i=0;$i<10;++$i) { echo "<a href='page{$i}.php'>Page $i</a><br>\n"; } ?> Ken
  14. This topic has been moved to Miscellaneous. http://www.phpfreaks.com/forums/index.php?topic=336158.0
  15. Why do you have the '<?php start_session(); ?>' in the middle of your variable string? That won't do anything and will probably display on the screen. Please show how you're trying to display the variable -- full context, not just a snippet. Ken
  16. What are you trying to do? Also, when posting code, please put your code between tags. Ken
  17. That's done via Javascript. PHP has no concept of browser windows. Ken
  18. Please post the exact code you've tried between tags. And and error messages you've gotten. Ken
  19. What does the content of your file look like? Ken
  20. This topic has been moved to Application Frameworks. http://www.phpfreaks.com/forums/index.php?topic=335906.0
  21. The OP's code shows that the target of the form is being created & populated via Javascript, so that the name attribute has no bearing in this case. Ken
  22. Unless you're using frames, this idea will create an HTML file with improper markup, i.e. an HTML file can not have more than one <html></html>, <head></head>, and <body></body> section. Ken
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