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  1. thank u hitman for ur post, me too, i am not familiar with java so i don't have much of space to work on that btw the method that i use is the same is u said i mean going through html form anymore ideas or help will be appreciated
  2. ty can you gave me a tip about how can i upload sucha large file without having to modify this php.ini i mean the sites that allow you to upload up to 20 or even 50 mb do they just modify php.ini or is there a way to send it like on divided parts like ---- send 8 clean memory send 4 put the 8 and 4 together ---- thank u
  3. could it have a relation with the memory_limit = 8M i think so can u give a tip where can i find a place to read all about the php.ini
  4. ty for ur fast replay i found that in the php.ini upload_max_filesize = 2M is this like 2 Mb if so why i can upload more than 2 but not more than 8 ty
  5. hi all i am linking VB with php so i can upload a file to the internet but the problem happened when i uploaded a file larger than 8 mb i didn't see any error but i couldn't find the file in the upload folder later i saw a new file near the php file error_log ----------------------- [29-Aug-2006 12:34:53] PHP Warning:  POST Content-Length of 8470846 bytes exceeds the limit of 8388608 bytes in Unknown on line 0 ----------------------- what does that mean "in Unknown on line 0" how can i fix that btw the php uploading file is not programed to stop files larger than 8 MB ???
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