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  1. Hmm...
    Your menu annoys me, you use next to no CSS (making a page that is 159 kb in size, your code isn't valid, your profiles list doesn't have side borders, making it lose containment, your site news block sticks out of it's container, your HTML is bad gibberish (if you can't be bothered to open a closed paragraph tag, at LEAST close the image tag!), you take money to make someone the featured poster while not bothering to ensure that they are even any good, your Forum and View Profile links aren't even part of the menu, and your forums aren't as integrated as you think-the look changes quite a bit, not even sharing most images. And in the header for it? Two identical-looking but different menu bars (the link hover effect there isn't very good either. A block of colour? There must be something better then that). There has to be a better way to do that that doesn't involve separating them with a hideously coloured Google ad.
    Your page does look a little better in Internet Explorer, but just a little bit. I'll bet you didn't do any cross-browser testing, did you?
  2. You just need to use the GET option in your form and use the action field to direct it to the next page. Then, on the next page, you use the Bindings panel and use the GET variable binding to get the variable passed along (it will be named after the name of the input field, as set in the name attribute of the input tag). Then, drag-and-drop the newly-created binding onto the second form field and it will appear there.
    You can alternatively use POST.
  3. Cool. I like what you've done with the calendar-great touch there. Now, probably my only problem is the lack of padding in your links-give them a little space, so they don't run up against the sides like that. Now if you just take the little Home box on the upper-right and move all that up a little so it doesn't run against the edge (or make it into a tab), that should make it look nice. Your HTML is valid, and your CSS is mostly valid, and aside from that, no complaints here. Nice job!
  4. You know, this page just doesn't feel complete to me. The search box just hangs off to the right, without a right or top border (like your navbar, it feels like there should be something there, but there isn't), and your hover effect on the right buttton just doesn't look good. Now, I understand that spacing is important, but here? You've taken too much whitespace. The page to me looks like it can't decide whether or not to be fixed or fluid width, and that's not a good thing. Keep working on it-this is definitely not the final stage.
  5. Your top header is all white for a while as the page loads slowwwwly. Maybe you should shrink it down somewhat. Now overall, I think that this is a nice, clean, CSS design that you've got here, though the columns could probably use a bit more padding, and the green block headers are kind of plain. Maybe a football or something could go there to give it some detail other then a block of colour?
    Aside from that, it's good, clean, and reflective of your goal. I can immediately tell what your site is about, and though it is somewhat narrow on 1280x1024, it still looks good. No compatibility errors that I can see, which is good-overall, it's well done. But, just a question-why don't you increase the main column to a full 800px width? If you applied your background image to the body tag instead, it would work just as well.
  6. First, check the flash file itself to make sure it isn't there. If it isn't, try giving the navbar a left-padding value of 0px; and see if that works any better. It would probably help to see the code too, as it would make a difference unless you put * {margin: 0px; padding: 0px;} at the top of your code.
  7. Template? As in, something that you didn't create?
    Well, aside from coding that looks downright messy, invalid code, the use of black text on grey background, the plain forum logo, and the emptiness, it's fine, I suppose. However, I find it unprofessional to take a phpBB template, then use it and its images to create a site template without crediting the template. Of course, to use a template as a base is in that alone fairly uncreative, as all you are doing is taking someone else's work, images and all, and claiming you "created" it. Sure, you created the site front-end's template, but not the original skin.
  8. First thing I noticed: the login/register link is really just sorta floating there. Why don't you extend the white border down through those lines? Second thing, the very top background image to the left of the logo-I personally think that the occasionaly broken lines don't quite fit with the site. Aside from that, it's a good, clean CSS design. Well done!
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