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  1. Out of curiosity, does your CMS use Smarty or some similar template system? And also, just a tip-you should really have it create valid code by default. That's one of the things that I look for in a good CMS.
  2. It would be because of the left: px; command. It would also help greatly to have a valid DOCTYPE.
  3. It's just something that you can find elsewhere. You can find code and tutorials on this site, for example. And for PHP Reference, just go to php.net. All you're doing is creating a wiki installation and giving it a name. There really is nothing that you could do to make it more appealing to me-this isn't the sort of site that I would ever use.
  4. You probably could have mentioned that earlier. And if it's not complete, why are you showing this to us? As for the idea, it's not something I see myself ever using. There are already so many other places to get this stuff on the web, I don't see the need to recreate it here.
  5. Well, you could (a) go somewhere like [url=http://www.hotscripts.com/PHP/Tips_and_Tutorials/Polls_and_Voting/index.html]Hotscripts[/url]and take a look at something like that, or (b) create a form that inserts voting information into the database, based on the poll ID and options. To set up the options, you'd just create a repeat region with the db info.
  6. Make the logo clickable. That's all that's left to say. Besides, he's right: the green text does make it stand out. IMO, it works.
  7. Okay. So basically, you've created another idential wiki site, devoted to programming. There's nothing here to critique, because there isn't anything that's been changed. Except for the logo-the logo is bad. A big weird sorta-circle. Eh?
  8. Again, on the page, in the recordset field, you need to select to use a URL parameter for more then the first page to come up.
  9. Pick up a CSS book then, and/or look up some online tutorials-you might want to take a closer look at it before you dismiss it. It's better, I think, but the left side should be a logo, not just text. BTW, this stuff shouldn't be in the header: [quote]Last minute calls O.K., Before Exams, Note Taking, Problem Solving, etc.[/quote]
  10. Well, you never got rid of the moving text for that one; in addition, you've used tables in the header for some reason that I cannot fathom, though it looks better without that background image. This is definitely a better design, and I'd stick with it. However, you should combine the "Why Choose Us" block with the right block, with the testimonials last. Also for your "Be a Tutor" page, is it possible that you could add some more details to that page about the job?
  11. Looking at the now apparently updated updated page, I've got to say that it is improving. However, there are three things that you may want to address. First off, tables. This design could probably be recreated quite easily in CSS. Second, your navigation is too spread-out. Bring it all into a more concentrated area, to make it more convenient. Third, try validating your code. Not hideously important, but a good idea nonetheless.
  12. The forums are Simple Machine Forums, and the site itself is hand-coded. If you want to create a simple CMS with rating and all that stuff, and maybe even a forum, I'd try something like XOOPS. Whatever you do, DO NOT use PHPNuke. It is a CMS with terrible HTML and PHP, next to no CSS, practically nonexistent templating, and a large variety of other things that I don't want to go into. I used it for a recent project, and it has been hard work getting it all to work together. Something like XOOPS, Mambo, or ezPublish would probably work fine for your needs.
  13. Is it better then before? Definitely. Is it good? Not as much. It isn't a very professional-looking site. Although maybe that's just because of my bad experiences with those two colours on a web page. Your content also lacks definition-I'd try to fix that. You've got a lot of images where you could probably just use styled heading tags. Not to mention your header-the vanishing-then-reappearing text is fairly obnoxious. And that header image is probably compressed a little bit too much. Oh yeah, and why are there single-quotes around 'Very Patient'?
  14. Two links for you: http://www.bluerobot.com/web/layouts/ http://www.alistapart.com/articles/holygrail/
  15. As far as I know? It should work with just the vertical-align attribute. But of course, it's never that easy, is it? And it isn't in this case either. As far as I know, (and I'll have to look this up to be sure) vertical-align: middle; doesn't work in IE, and from what I've seen, no other browsers. I'd love to be proven wrong on this though.
  16. You need to create another page with a recordset that uses a URL parameter to figure out which record to pull. When you make the occupation page, create a recordset that has the URL Parameter filter set to pull the right information based on what you passed in your url from the first page (you set that up in the bottom two input boxes). On the first page, you just need to select the link, and click the URL folder icon. From there, select occupation.php, and look below. You'll see a little lightning icon-that's to add dynamic parameters to the page (assuming that you're using a recordset-created list of occupations) based on the id. That will create the url occupations.php?id=(ID variable here). You can also use that to input static data, if you wish.
  17. Basically, what they're doing is making a new template for the forums that features all of the navigation and whatnot that is on all the other pages. It's just that PHPFreak is busy, and hasn't had the change to give them FTP access yet.
  18. Well, since no one has replied for at least 30 days and I'm clueless about the resolution, I'll bump the thread and attach the file in question, rather then starting a new one. [attachment deleted by admin]
  19. You know, if that left column is fixed-width, it would be a whole lot easier to just combine the three backgrounds together and set it as one background.
  20. Um... PHP is easier then HTML? Since when? I've still not mastered PHP, but HTML? That's easy.
  21. You know, you might want to (a) move the "message deleted" message inside the <body> tag, and (b) validate your code a bit more. Oh, and maybe style it a little.
  22. [quote author=Thantos link=topic=99052.msg391985#msg391985 date=1152113316] Profile -> Look and Layout Preferences -> Return to topics after posting by default. [/quote] [quote author=Oldiesmann link=topic=99052.msg395096#msg395096 date=1152623796] [quote author=moberemk link=topic=99052.msg391975#msg391975 date=1152112676] Aah. Okay, that explains that. Thanks for clearing that up for me. Now the only thing I don't get is why every time I post, it brings me back to the parent forum. Couldn't that maybe become some sort of option for those of us whom it merely annoys? It's a useful feature for some, but because I always browse the forum in tabs, I just don't need it around, and I'm used to being able to look over my post and make sure that I said what I meant. [/quote] Profile -> Look and Layout Preferences Check the box next to "Return to topics after posting by default" There's also a quick reply box available (in the same section - set "Use quick reply on topic display" to "Show, on by default") [/quote] You know, I think that Thantos beat you to that one.
  23. What was the fix? Some people might find that helpful when searching the forum.
  24. Actually, you can't use it with any host. Most hosts block outside access to the MySQL database, so you have to use an offline testing server on your local computer (I use WAMP5) and then upload the site and the database to your host.
  25. [QUOTE]Additionally I think the moderators and administrators should give more work in moving topics to the correct forums, as it is cluttering up the forums with topics you weren't expecting to see when viewing the forum, which makes it harder to find topics in the subject that you wan't to read.[/QUOTE] That's easy for you to say. Have you ever tried managing a forum of this size? After a while, there are so many misplaced topics you have to move around that after a while, it just gets tiring. PHPFreaks is a midsized forum, and the admins can't fix every problem. They try, but they can't just fix everything I'm afraid.
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