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  1. First off, add a line break after your DTD. It looks nicer. Both visually and code-wise, this looks pretty good. Your code is well-organized and readable, and there are no really big issues with your design. Aside from the underline-dissappears-on-hover-for-links thing that I personally don't like, good job!
  2. You have tables. Why do you have tables? Tables are bad for layout.
    Also, on your "Book" page (I was expecting a published book information page, not a guestbook. Why do you even have one there?) your input fields stick out of the rounded box.
  3. Looks fine, and nice and professional. But take out the Personal link-all that does is make me lose respect for you as a webdesigner with it's... um... I don't think the vocabulary exists for it. Also, I'd suggest taking the footer and moving it into the site box itself, so it doesn't feel so detached. Once you add more of a border to the main site box, it should look much better.
  4. It's a movie site, so really, it counts more as advertising and art then it does as a website. I cannot, in all good conscience, critique this as such. It still looks good though! Movie must be pretty good too.
  5. Aww man, I forgot to take out width="100%" on my Glance table. Probably should have noticed that one. Thanks for pointing that out for me.
    EDIT: All it does, however, is make the table at minimum width. Is there any way of doing this that does NOT involve setting a width? Because, as my two-column CSS shows, I can't get a width for that center column. I need a way to make that table stretch across the <div> like the forums tables do. And before you say to do it the way I did the bottom tables, I don't even know how that works.
  6. I've been working on a more CSS-based design for PHPNuke, and so far, it works fine, except for on the forums page (http://mobblog.byethost2.com/modules.php?name=Forums). If you look at it in Firefox, Opera, Netscape, and basically any other recent browser, it looks fine. Once you look at it in IE, everything but the top navigation table shifts down beneath the left column for some reason. I've also put in a Strict doctype.
  7. I've been working on this PHPNuke Platinum sitefor a while now. (PHPNuke Platinum is like PHPNuke, but with a ton of stuff preinstalled. Yes, I know that there are better ways to do this kind of stuff, but this is what was wanted and this is what will be developed). Problem is, when I start the file with <?php, all it does is render a blank page, and when I start the file with just the shorthand <? method, it just shows me the code, minus the line breaks. Any ideas as to why it works like this? I can post the code, but I would rather not, as it is roughly 2545 lines long. It's a really heavily modified script.
  8. You'll probably want to start with a highly customizable forum software (phpBB works for me, but it seems that SMF is the big new thing for forums) that lets you use CSS to style it. You should start with the forums, build the site around the forums for tight integration, and then style it all with CSS. That's what I would do anyhow.
  9. Aside from changing the buttons, the weird way your site title works, the late 90's art style, the bad colours which also clash, the way that text in a text box aligns to the right, and the overuse of javascript (javascript is NOT to be used for links, the <a> tag is!), it isn't that bad. But your use of javascript is overboard, as you seem to use it for nearly everything on the site, from links to hover colours, to form submissions,
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