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  1. The included file has a connection in it, right? Get rid of it. But then, that will cause some errors, because it can't connect to the database on that page; ignore those warning marks. I know it's hard to do, but you have to do it. Dreamweaver seems to have issues with include files-if you try to use their include browser, it will only cause problems. Includes files are things that need to be hard-coded because of the inherent glitchiness of it's PHP support.

  2. Well, since you seem to be using Dreamweaver (otherwise, why would you be posting here?) so I'll have to assume that you know how to do this. You need to select the form, and go under the Tag Inspector panel. You then click the Behaviors panel. In there, there should be a white space. You need to select the right column and choose "onSubmit" and then click inside the left column. You then click on the little + symbol button and select the "Play Sound" option. From there, it should be rather straightforward. Outisde of Dreamweaver, I can't really help you.

  3. What you need to do is select the text you want to hyperlink, and then make a link. By browsing to the page, you have a path. In the bottom path bar, click the button to the right to add vars that link to the blog post. Another idea is to make it a random little # link, and then edit the code to replace the hash mark with a variable from your var panel.

  4. I'm not even going to ask why you have 15000 products a day, but...

    just by making your INT(11) into an INT(22) would increase the amount by a lot more. If your database can support that many products, then I think that it should be able to suport a longer INT. And if you don't have the ability to increase that number, it may be a good idea to switch over to Microsoft SQL Server, or some similar product, to have an industrial-strength databse.

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