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  1. Personally, I think that on the sub-pages you should make the menu smaller-that big and on an 800*600 resolution the first thing you see is the menu and the header image, and not the important content that people care about. As for the new line, maybe it should be bigger then 1px-I can barely see it. Try something more like 3px maybe?


    And for the search form, it looks good, though the button could use a little more color.

  2. It's nice, though making all those drop shadows will probably end up being a huge pain later on; still, it's a good design, and except for the ticker scroller (so last millenium) it should turn out pretty well as a full website.

  3. Always the little things, huh?

    Well, the design itself is good, but for something like this, maybe you should go with something less Web 2.0 and more reminiscent of old-style corporate bulletin boards made out of cork, just to make it more fun and less sterile. The design work itself is good, no question (the reflection in the logo might be a bit much, but I digress) but it just feels too flat for the dynamic subject matter.

  4. The login form is nicely done, unobtrusive but still present; although maybe a horizontal line across the top in the same color as the little tab would help bring it into the page a little more. The button might present a problem though, as on an otherwise gradient-minimal page, it has a gradient and a slight reflection, making it stick out a bit.  And you should move the "About us" link down the menu a little-it's far from the most important thing on the menu for a customer. And you should jettison the "Home" button entirely, unless that's the same navigation scheme you plan to use for the whole site (something that from a usability standpoint I must disagree with, given the sheer size of the header on an 800*600 resolution.)

  5. Actually, that wouldn't work well with the border he also wants-and here, fixed-width is definitely the way to go, so that you don't need so many extra tags; for example, for something like this, I'd give the header text of the bubble the top curves and pointing image, and then the footer text the bottom curves, to minimize extra CSS.

  6. It's the approach, dude. Sure, the free stylesheet offer might be tempting, but you don't really describe it in much detail; and once you did give a clearer idea of what you were offering, it's just something that can be found with a quick Google search for a CSS generator. You also didn't present your offer very well-you just said FREE STYLE SHEET! and dropped a quick MySpace reference, not to mention you used the annoying scrolling text. PROPER GRAMMAR is also very important when you use a text-based introduction like this-capitalization, punctuation, and spelling become crucial to conveying professionalism.

    As for the coldness, well, I'm just a brutally honest person, sometimes to my detriment; sorry if I seemed harsh.

  7. Add a little "BETA" sticker up there and you've got yourself a veritable Web 2.0 application! The lack of a sign-up form is a crippling error-without any way to get new users, there isn't a way to post any content, and without content there won't be any users in the first place. Ergo, failure.

  8. That, and think for a moment here: there are a ton of MySpace template generators online for free; you are advertising yourself on a board of web designers, most of whom, presumably, know CSS as well as if not better then you do; and your own MySpace is set to Private so that we can't even see an example of your work, leaving only your word as to your skill.

  9. Hmm... If you're willing to drop the corners, try using two CSS image in the background, one with the top rounded corners and the spike and one with the bottom two corners. By adding a third repeating background image with the side borders, you'd have what you're looking for, but it would involve a lot of extra code.

  10. The design is nice, but the code is a veritable mess. No DOCTYPE or even HEAD tags, tables, inline styles... frankly, I've seen better code produced by Photoshop exports. However, the colors and graphic work is good.

  11. Quick points:

    None of your floated images are cleared; this can cause problems down the road.

    Your logo is black and red, and your site is blue. Think about using the logo colors for a uniform visual feel for the company.

    The menu hover effects are annoying-I've always tried to avoid doing things like going for regular to italic fonts for a hover effect, because it's distracting.

    While you're coding, try to clean up the code to W3C standards, maybe even go for XHTML validation; valid code saves you from a lot of glitches down the road.

  12. Well, the colors are hideous; try using the Web Color Scheme generator at the top of this page to come up with a good color scheme for the site. Also, the header logo is poorly compressed and artifacted, and the site is a mess, with no clear purpose or point to it.

  13. The new background is nice, and the darkish color works well; the new logo at the top, though, I find to be way too big. You have one big header image, but having a second logo at the top of that size detracts from the lower logo. Choose one or the other, not both.

  14. Not too shabby! It's a nice, attractive site, but the date is unneccessary (I have my computer's clock and probably a calendar to tell me that), and the grey background is very plain; try adding a drop shadow, glow, or gradient of some kind to add interest.

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