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  1. Well, it isn't very pretty, that's for sure. The gradients on the left are hideously hard to read, and I don't really like the colors. The lack of content is the biggest problem-without content, and a steady stream of it, there's no chance of anyone coming back to the site. Besides, if I'm looking for embarrassing moments, I'll just go to YouTube.

  2. That's probably the problem right there. If you can't really describe the point of a site in one sentence, then it will be really, really hard to sell.

    Oh, and the google ads. Google ads in two places on the page?

  3. Maybe it's just me, but as far as I can tell nothing has changed since the last time I looked except for the Continue Reading link. My previous comments still stand. Weirdly, your "Essentials" container is empty; also, your content seems to just be a bunch of pictures of products.

  4. It's okay. Kinda plain though-much though I love the header image, you should make it stretch across so that it doesn't have the empty space around it. One thing I don't get is why you have your layout look like a table, but re-create it in div's. Why would you do that? The layout could be more... inspired, frankly, as it looks very flat and unappealing. Try making it feel more lively-add gradients or drop shadows, just something more then flat color and scattered pictures. Also, try looking at your site at 800*600 resolution-it just doesn't work.

    Your forums, meanwhile have a major glitch:

    Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/dgbrckmi/public_html/forummain.php on line 146

    This is the error that I got while trying to look at the inside of a forum.

  5. Hmm... The background is nice, and the colors are good, if a bit overusee across the page. More then just white and light blue would help! The header and the navigation are kinda bland and empty, and the navigation just seems overdone by now; and as it was said before, the left menu is redundant. Also, what's the point of the Home and Heaven sections? They're identical! Speaking of which, the colors of the default SMF skin on your forums and those of your site are kinda similar-just a coincidence?

  6. Whoa. That's just plain cool. The use of stellar images is beautiful, and really help bring this site to life. Aside from the footer links not working, this is just plain cool. I don't understand the shopping cart though-what use would that serve for an astronomy hobby site? Will you be selling equipment or imagery?

  7. Nice Web 2.0 design aesthetic there-very modern and fresh, which is great for something like this. The CSS is used a lot in the site, but not quite evenly-for example, you specify the background color in the body element for some reason. You'll want to run all your code through the W3C validator-it isn't valid XHTML. That gradient between the green box and the brown content box feels kinda empty though. There's no footer though, which while it isn't bad, feels like a missed opportunity; also, a portfolio page would be crucial for something like this to succeed. Aside form that, great job here.

  8. Not badly done. I like the colors, and the logo is very cool, if a little small. I don't really like your use of tables here, though that's more of a coding preference and CSS thing; my only suggestion would be to make it feel more like the name-where's the "zoom" on the page? If it's an airplane enthusiast site, maybe you should find a way to put some airplanes in it.

  9. Yup, it's like MySpace all right. It is kinda plain, though: you should add some borders, or background colors, or something for containment. The functionality is all there, but for the messages, a WYSIWYG editor would help the less tech-savvy users; also, that dropdown box of users will really get long if all it does is show all users. A friends list drop-down box with a search users box would be great. You should also bring down the sheer amount of comments shown on the front page-there's too many for easy browsing. Aside from that, you've done a great job aping MySpace's functionality. You should just work on the visual style more.

  10. Looks pretty live to me. Is this something you coded and designed, or is it a CMS you found on the internet? It looks a lot like VBulletin to me; is that intentional? It looks nice and works well, with no glaring problems. It's very generic, but it still looks nice and tests well. The only real problem that I can see is the overuse of tables on the front page.

  11. It looks good, except for the text-the contrast between the background and the text could be improved significantly. Maybe you should give it a white background instead for the content?

  12. There really isn't much to critique here. It's a very basic page design, and aside from the way that the text jumps up and down when you hover over the menu and there aren't any sub-option (something that's a real pet peeve of mine), there's nothing of any real notability here.

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