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  1. Thank you, I'll look into this!
  2. Thanks for the info; I didn't know about that! So I guess we're back at post #4! Anything wrong with that query? Thank you!
  3. By the way, this query is being executed inside a foreach ($points as $point) { (...) } where p.userId = " . $point['userId'] . " Therefore, since we already have "p.userId", what should the query look like to get this user's missing predictions? I can get the number of missing predictions by doing the following: $missingPreds = $totalGames - $totalPreds; but I guess I could achieve the same thing in one query, right? Again, thank you for your time!
  4. Hello and thank you for your support! Regarding my first question (which is to combine my two queries into one), here's what the new query looks like: $query = "SELECT p.userid , COUNT(*) as predictions , totgames - COUNT(*) as missing , totgames FROM " . SPORTS_BOL_PredictionDao::getInstance()->getTableName() . " p CROSS JOIN ( SELECT COUNT(*) as totgames FROM " . SPORTS_BOL_GameDao::getInstance()->getTableName() . " g
  5. Hello, I am doing my best to learn mysql but I still have a lot to learn when queries involve loops or complex syntax. Here's what I would like to achieve: Table 1 includes games played since the beginning of the season (where homeTeamScore or awayTeamScore > 0): Table 2 includes predictions made by users as to which team will win each game (gameId in T2 = id in T1): The following query lets me know how many games have been played since the beginning of the season: $query = "SELECT COUNT(`id`) FROM " . SPORTS_BOL_GameDao::getInstance()->
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