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  1. Hello, For a corparate intranet I am trying te read information from a MS Access database, using php and the MS SQL Server 2000. PHP works fine, SQL sever works fine and I can connect to that server using my php script. My problem is this: I can't get result from even a simple SELECT query: $query = "SELECT * FROM tablename"; $result = mssql_query ($query); Is this problem because of the Access database? Should it be an SQL Server db? The computer where php is installed, also has the SQL Server tools installed. So that can't be the problem. [a href=\"http://at2.php.net/manual/nl/ref.mssql.php\" target=\"_blank\"]http://at2.php.net/manual/nl/ref.mssql.php[/a] did't give me any solutions. Does anybody have an idea? Thanks, Jasper
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