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  1. I haven't really been looking at the latest BB's in a while but it seems like it would be more beneficial to create your own. I'm pretty sure you aren't going to find anything that does what you want. If you make your own you will atleast know what you will be getting and how to use it. Plus everyone here is more then willing to help you.


    ...just a thought :)

  2. Linksys G - don't bother with the speed booster (you can just get new firmware that will do the same thing). Make sure you encrypt your signal and don't broadcast it. ;)


    I'm not sure how much you can do with the fax/scanner as far as making them network nodes...you might have to keep the scanner on a computer and just share it over the network. This kinda depends on your actual harware.


    Hope that helps.


    Side note - Once you buy one brand (linksys) stay with it, there are a lot of small differences between companies that can make your life somewhat painful :) Staying with the same company will ensure that you will have the least amount of issues.

  3. Well what I would recommend is start small. If you want to go 100% into a full blown business you better have some money saved up like tomfmason said. Otherwise I would recommend keeping some sort of regular job just so you can pay your bills and everything. Let the web stuff be your "extra". This way you aren't begging for work all the time and it won't really matter if you get a lot of work or no...cause you are covered. Once you get going a little more and once you feel that the web work can sustain you, then you can quit the part time gig.


    One thing that you will notice really quick is that you won't get a lot of work until you have DONE a lot of work. People look at your portfolio first before they even think about calling you (if they don't know you already). So if you don't have a portfolio...you are nothing. If you are starting out I would get as many simple/low end jobs as you can to build up your portfolio. Also make a "demos" section on your site that just have what you can do and show people what you can do. Ex: make a 10 page catalog/shopping cart with a decent design.


    Here is the best advice that you can get...Always talk about your business to everyone! It doesn't matter if it's your friends or someone you just met. Make your friends sick of hearing about your business because when they are out without you they meet and talk to people...if something gets brough up about your type of business your friend is going to say, "Hey, my friend *** does something like that...here is his number you should call him." You should always make it a point to mention something about your business and what you do. This is where you will get a lot of easy business. Its amazing how you can just mention something to someone and it takes you to a whole new place and maybe you could get some business out of it.


    Always be friendly to everyone...you never know how they could help you out someday.

  4. I would add in some sort of "start date" in the users table that you can query off of. This can also be helpful later on down the road too for other things.


    for the count you can do something like:


    SELECT userid, count(userid) as total FROM comments ORDER BY total DESC LIMIT 1

  5. You should do something like:





















    That should give you a good start.

  6. I'm getting the same thing with your file. It looks like its reading all of the header information on the excel sheet. Try saving it as a csv file and running your script again. You will have to change \t to ,

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