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  1. Hey, I live in NY, USA


    Sites on Servage:









    I don't mind them, they give you a decent amount for a good price, i'm always getting emails from them now saying they upgraded this or that and they are giving me more of something. The speed is decent for me I guess, it's a little on the slow side so I put all of my test/project and/or slow traffic sites on there. If you go with servage let me know I'll give you my key and I think you get a few more months for free. Another good host is www.dreamhost.com I like them a little better. If you go with them I can give you a coupon off of that too. PM me if you want those.

  2. Thanks! :)



    Yes, that's how I program too...everyone should. You should always have your "bag of tricks" that you can go into and pull out a script. Thats the good thing about programming...re-use re-use re-use. Why re-invent the wheel for each project? When you can pull something out of your bag it cuts down on your "costs" (time) so that your "margin" goes up! ;)

  3. This also might cut down on some time:

    a {color: #e0ffe0; text-decoration: none;}
    a:hover {color: #40ff40; text-decoration: none; cursor: pointer}
    .menu a {font: 10px verdana; color: #e0ffe0; text-decoration: none;}
    .menu a:hover {font: 10px verdana; color: #40ff40; text-decoration: none; cursor: pointer}


    which should give you the same result.

  4. yeah, pretty much all he could do is change the function names or something and it is "different" there is really no way for you to truely insure your product unless he was working for you in your building on your computer and he wasn't allowed to save to any external devices. But obviously this isn't that secure either...

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