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  1. Cron jobs should not be used as a last resort, but as a tool. When I signed up for your hosting services you had CronJobs listed as a feature. Since I am paying for this I would like to use it no matter if you think that it is a last resort or not.



  2. Hey Everyone,

    I was wondering where people got their "open-source" music for websites/flash. I'm looking to get into some flash stuff and was wondering if you had any good sites that you go to.



  3. but why would i want to use it as www.mywebpage.com/profile.php?username=admin  ????


    you don't need to use it...it's just how it works, the .htaccess converts it to that without you actually seeing it...but thats how the php reads it.

  4. you put your .htaccess file in your web root. You also have profile.php there.


    The .htaccess is saying take www.mywebpage.com/admin and make it like www.mywebpage.com/profile.php?username=admin


    get it?

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