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  1. yes that would add another row. another way that you can do it is with an update. but then you will have to enter a "totals" column to have the total amount of votes then calculate the average with "rating" and "totals"

  2. you would set the action of the form to something like "do_rate.php"



    $rating = $_POST['rating'];
    $bandid = $_POST['bandid'];
    $sql = "INSERT INTO rate (rating,bandid) VALUES ('$rating', '$bandid')";
    echo "Thank you for rating!";

  3. Probably more like:


    rateid  bandid  rating

    1        2          5

    2        2          3

    3        8          2

    4        5          4

    5        6          5


    ...but yeah :)

  4. just have a radio group with the values 1-5, put a hidden field in there that has the userid of the band. When they submit the form point that to a processing script that takes the bandid and the rating and insert it into the database.

  5. you have to get a few more posts in order to send a PM.


    anyways...I think you should make a poll with MySQL it will be a lot easier to manage that way and you wont have to worry about physical files.

  6. no problem, all you need to do is ask :)


    if it is something general about php/mysql post it in here, if it is something more about a music site you can send me a PM or IM me (like how I did something)

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