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  1. I've just tried WordPress and Blogger, it's not bad at all, in fact it's pretty good but I would like to run a website, not a blog...


    I know this is not a modern way of thinking, blogs are more than common today but I just would like a web look and feel.


    For instance - a portal with option to support all registered users to be authors.


    I don't think the suggestions were intended to point you to a "blog look" but rather to recommend you read up on the workings of a blog, since what you describe is almost identical in scope to what a blog does. Yes, you want it to be customized, but the principle of posting comments and content is very blog-like in nature. If you get a feel for how the blog structure works, you'll be well on your way to being able to develop the site you're after.


    ...correct :)

  2. let me see if I can iron this out...


    if you view source on an html page you will see <html><body> and so on...


    in a server side script the ACTUAL code would be say

    include "header.php";

    and header.php would be <html><body> and so on... SO when someone views a source of a php page they see <html><body> and so on... and NOT include "header.php";


    hope that makes sense.

  3. 1. brochure (static) type site - it doesn't matter if people see the source code...it doesn't have anything "valuable" in it

    2. dynamic/secure sites - server side scripts don't allow you to see the source of the actual code...only the output, plus server side is a lot more flexible

    3. a simple site with a few dynamic elements. like an informational site with a news section. - All of their main sections stay the same but the client just wants to change one page.



    is this what you were looking for?

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