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  1. well i started off with C++ which is a very good base to start on for programming. But C++, java, PHP are very similar. So you can pretty much take your pick.


    @nocturnal261 - yes I agree with you there, math is important and if you are good at it great! but i'm terrible at it haha

  2. right now it's just standard. they have to "leave" my site...go to paypal and pay...then get re-directed back. They have all of the usual payment options (paypal account or not). I haven't looked into the Pro version but I need to shortly, I'm just way to busy with projects to worry about that now :)

  3. well I usually just use paypal for all transactions. so what I do is ask the client what they want their paypal e-mail address to be (paypal@their-new-domain.com). Then I go on and make the account, set up all of the options, IPN, anything else. After I finish building/testing the site I give them the password to the account and tell them to change it...now it's all in their hands. If they need me to fix something they can either tell me the password or just change it temporarily for me.


    is this what you mean? or did I get it wrong :)

  4. Why worry about the speed?

    The difference in so minute no one would know!


    Well when you are making a MASSIVE program/application a half second here and there add up to a lot of time. But for a small application it doesn't matter as much, BUT you should always be aware of speed.

  5. I would suggest to take any computer/web course possible. I took just about every computer/web/programming course in both high school and college and I think it's helped me out greatly. For example, I can write something in C++, turn it into java, turn it into VB, and finally PHP (or any other way you can think of it). Also it is good to know some basic networking and computer stuff too. Just about every time I talk with a client they always ask me how come this isn't working, or what is out there if I want to do this. It always makes you look better when you know a solution...


    hope this helps :)

  6. I agree with the above try:


    - taking out the 1px black border on the inside (but keep the padding/spacing the same

    - put a black border under your banner maybe 5-10px to seperate the whole top part

    - put some more padding on your nav bar links...they are too close to one another

    - more padding on the right and left of the main body text (20px on both sides) - right now your text is almost bunping up against the image on the left in other pages

    - try justifying your text instead of having it just aligning it to the left


    try those and see how it comes out :)

  7. well it doesn't really have to be a cookie, it could be something else. if you really want you could even make an application (windows based) that will connect them to the website...maybe even change access and passwords automatically to the program that only that program would know

  8. yup, and where you have that echo put the rest of your code:

    if ($times >= $othermoney)
    echo "Your hitman did not successfully kill the person he was attacking, and ran off with your money, pay him more next time";
    dbquery("UPDATE ".$db_prefix."users SET user_money=".$take." WHERE user_id='".$id."'");
    if ($kill == "true")
    $rwd = $money + $othermoney;
    echo "Successfully killed your target, they had \$$othermoney which is now yours.";
    dbquery("UPDATE ".$db_prefix."users SET user_money=".$rwd." WHERE user_id='".$id."'");
    dbquery("DELETE FROM ".$db_prefix."users WHERE user_id='$otherid'");
    dbquery("DELETE FROM ".$db_prefix."articles WHERE article_name='$otherid'");
    dbquery("DELETE FROM ".$db_prefix."comments WHERE comment_name='$otherid'");
    dbquery("DELETE FROM ".$db_prefix."messages WHERE message_to='$otherid'");
    dbquery("DELETE FROM ".$db_prefix."messages WHERE message_from='$otherid'");
    dbquery("DELETE FROM ".$db_prefix."news WHERE news_name='$otherid'");
    dbquery("DELETE FROM ".$db_prefix."poll_votes WHERE vote_user='$otherid'");
    dbquery("DELETE FROM ".$db_prefix."ratings WHERE rating_user='$otherid'");
    dbquery("DELETE FROM ".$db_prefix."shoutbox WHERE shout_name='$otherid'");
    dbquery("DELETE FROM ".$db_prefix."threads WHERE thread_author='$otherid'");
    dbquery("DELETE FROM ".$db_prefix."posts WHERE post_author='$otherid'");

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