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  1. yeah you always have to think of "worst case" when it comes to naming things.


    for example... one of my clients is now in it's 2nd generation. The dad's name is Harry. They were thinking of getting an eBay account to sell some old things here and there but didn't want to use their own name on there. The now owner (son of Harry) suggested the name "Harrys Tools" to keep everything simple I started to use that as a username when i was going to create the account (without the space) making it "harrystools". I soon started laughing pretty hard because now it looks like "Harry Stools"...so I had to make a new name after that. :D

  2. Nah I guess Google/the Internet in general is making people smarter which is a good thing due to how messed up the Schools are these days (at least in the UK).


    In my 5 Years of High School I didn't learn that much. In my 3 Years of using the Internet my knowledge has vastly expanded even in such a way that I could make a career out of it.


    good point. I have an AS in Web Technology and Netwoking and I think it's a problem when one of the teachers didn't even know what PHP was!!! (true story) So this degree was a total waste of time since I knew way more then all of the teachers that I was taking classes from.

  3. I've been in music for most of my life. I've been playing drums/percussion for something like 13+ years then a dabble enough in guitar, bass, and piano to get by. Neither of my parents are very musical...so I don't know where I got it from but thats cool with me. I'm in 1 serious band and a few side projects so I'm always pretty busy on top of everything else. I have a massive list of equipment too, but I don't wanna type that much now :). I actually have a gig tonight which should be a lot of fun!

  4. I have a test directory so that I can try out new things and keep them if they work out so that I can use them later. If I'm testing something in a site I usually use zzz_test.php so that it drops to the bottom of the files so later I can find it and delete it quickly.

  5. well I make around 520,000 Indian rupees a years so you'll are pretty well ahead of me  :P, damm should of been in the US


    Don't forget that living in the Europe or the US is a LOT more expensive. I'm waiting for the government to tax the air that I breath...  :-X

    cost of living is expensive in all over the world

    you expect your government to tax the air you breath well we're wait for our government to tax the SH*** that comes out in our as*

    haha yeah pretty much
  6. i do love my music :) I'm listening to it constantly. Most of the time I'm just listening to the things I need to learn for the bands that I'm in. But when I'm not learning the tunes I like to listen to: Dream Theater, Metallica (older), Mudvayne, Pantera, Stone Sour, Disturbed, Godsmack, Hell Yeah, Breaking Benjamin, Iron Maiden, Poison, Motley Crue, Skid Row, Nckelback, 3 Days Grace, and a whole lot more. My whole digital music collection is about 65GB...not including a bunch of CD's I haven't gotten a chance to "archive" yet. I like more of the technical music that has a lot of cool tempos and time changes. It seems to keep everything a little more interesting instead of just the regular 4/4 time signature rock...

  7. From your "Create Account"

    Click the button below to automatically create a Group ID. All Group IDs will be deleted after 30 days of use.


    Does this mean that you will delete my account even if it's active after 30 days? I don't think thats what you want to do...or intended to say.

  8. Yeah, I have a bunch of good ones IMO. Here is (some of) the list:


    AllLocal.info - I want to make a search/rating site for restaurants, clubs, venues, hot spots, and maybe have a "singles"/dating section.


    AllLocalBands.net, AnyLocalBands.com/.net, SyracuseBands.NET (which I use and it's good for here in Syracuse,NY), NationalBands.net, Nationwidebands.com/.net


    DailyRandomShit.com/.net/.info - I wanted to do something with funny/random pics, vids, jokes, ect.


    getmysurvey.com, greatparentinfo.com, learnallabout.info (in use), SUBMIT-SEO.COM - all sites that have potential for google adsense




    officiallysexy.com, UAREHOT.COM - idea for dating/pic rating site


    SCHOOLINFOZONE.COM - another wanna-be project


    YOURSTUNT.COM, YOURSTUNTS.COM, YOUSTUNT.COM - yet another wanna-be project (which I posted on here a while ago in the freelance board but haven't done anything with it since)


    ...so pretty much it comes down to I have a lot of domains with potential...and no time to do anything with them right now. :D


    PS. Sorry for the CAPS I got tired of re-typing domains so I just copied them out of my GoDaddy account. Also sorry if I posted something not allowed...feel free to edit. Only 2 of the domains listed are live.


  9. you should check out www.tagworld.com I think they have a good idea going. It's right in between MySpace and Facebook. The site and the profiles are a lot cleaner then myspace, but it gives you a lot more flexibility then facebook. They offer pre-made and approved templates for your profile. They also have a lot of cool ajax stuff...better then facebook in most instances. I would set up an account on there and poke around. Thats how I get ideas for my sites. Take the best features from each, combine, and improve on them.

  10. No, you have to make a system to input the data. So that would just be a form being written to a database. Then you can output that as RSS. If other sites have RSS you can read this information and put it into your database also.

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