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  1. try taking ", true" out and see what happens If that doesn't work, try changing "post" back to "get" and see what heppens. -Chris
  2. James, If you have phpMyAdmin, select the table you want to move/copy, select Operations on the top, go to Copy table to (database.table): select the database you would like it to be copied to, type in the name of the table, make sure you have structure and data selected and push go! If you don't have phpMyAdmin, either install it or let me know and I can give you the sql query. hope this helped, -Chris
  3. Hey all, I have a little project that I have to work on and I've had a slow start. This will be a lotto app that will take the users numbers and output the specific date that they came up at (if any) Procedure: 1. User goes to site and pushes "Get current info" 2. a script will parse [url=http://nylottery.org/ny/nyStore/cgi-bin/NumbersPastResults_Cat_337680_SubCat_337681_NavRoot_302.htm?DrwnDtMon=-1&DrwnDtYr=-1&DrwnDtDt=-1&RngDtMonStrt=6&RngDtMonEnd=6&RngDtYrStrt=2005&RngDtYrEnd=2006&RngDtDtStrt=7&RngDtDtEnd=7&]Lottory[/url] 3. after the site is parsed it will drop the data into a database 4. User enters 3 numbers 5. db query on the parsed data and returns the dates that those numbers came up (if any) Can you guys point me in the right direction to parse the information from that site? Thanks, -Chris
  4. cmgmyr


    Hey, I like the design that you have, very clean and professional looking. I also like how you have your contact page set up. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the site when you get it done. Why don't you try and make the whole site in ajax? -Chris
  5. can you include some of your code?
  6. Are you behind a router, or are you just directly connected to a modem?
  7. It basically let's you use the page that you are on as a variable. If you are on index.php you can have a for that has action=$_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] so it's like action=index.php It's really helpful if you have a lot of links on one page that go to multiple functions index.php?action=1 index.php?action=2 you can just do $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']."?action=1" $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']."?action=2" so you don't need to type in index.php all the time. You can also change the file name, and your script will still work without recoding it. So if you changed it to index2.php, and if you were using $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] you wouldn't have to go adding 2's all over your code. You get the point... Hope this helped, and you can do a lot more then just that with it. -Chris
  8. I was trying to work on this with dave yesterday. On the calendar page where the calendar is outputted the the first font tag in the block is in a table cell and the closing font tag is out of the cell. I don't know if this would effect it that much, but I also couldn't spend too much time looking thought the code either. Dave, how did you make out with the information I sent to you? -Chris
  9. First you should set up your computer so that it has a static ip address. once you have that you can type that ip address into the first text field. type "localhost" for the second, and your e-mail address into the last one...your e-mail address doesn't really matter too much if it just on your pc
  10. yeah I do like the 3 column set up, I have it on a few of my sites. Just make sure that all of the columns even out at the top and bottom -Chris
  11. Sara, If you have any questions about anything feel free to PM me. -Chris
  12. haha, ok no problem.
  13. Dave, Just a few comments. It sounds like you don't want to get too close to CSS and you don't want to use it in your designs. I was the same way a little while ago and thanks to steve i got into css layouts a little bit. But anyways to keep it short I'm working on a site right now for a client that wanted their template re-designed and updated. The bare template was full of center's, font's, align's and all of those old tags, and also with a lot of tables which made the line count to 150 something. After I got done switching it to css, no tables, and 100% validated in xhtml and css the total line count was 54. This made it a LOT faster on a few servers that I tested it on. This made the client happy...and me :-). But anyways...sorry for the ramble. As for your layout: your left nav doesn't line up with your logo on the far left. You have some space on top of your left nav under the logo, and not a space above the right nav under the logo. Your left nav has a space before the main content section and the right side is flush with it. And I can't get that calendar link to work either, all there is, is a blank page. -Chris
  14. Ascending[code]$result=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM mmarket ORDER BY price ASC");[/code] Descending[code]$result=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM mmarket ORDER BY price DESC");[/code]
  15. Hey Sara, There are tons of tutorials online to show you how to make a simple database website. All you need to know is how to connect to the database and output some text. There are also lots of "random" tutorials and scripts out there as well as image manipulation. try: http://www.wsworkshop.com/php/php-mysql-weblog.html or just typing in php mysql tutorials in google or something. If you are looking for some pre-made scripts there are some on this site and on www.hotscripts.com sometimes it's easier to learn when you have something in front of you that works. you will also have to set up a testing server for dreamweaver if you haven't already here is a good site: http://apachemysqlphp.com/ hope this helped you out a little  ;D
  16. You can just copy [code]body { font: 12px Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif; } .bold { font-weight: bold; } .italics { font-style: italic; } .quotebody { background-color: #FFFFFF; font-family: Verdana, Courier new, courier, mono; font-size: 11px; color: #660002; border: 1px solid #BFBFBF; } etc... etc...[/code] into your main style sheet and it should still work, just don't put the <style> or the comments stuff in. What you sould do is where you past in the BB CSS you add the #comment_wrap to it. then it is just used in the comment_wrap div [code]#comment_wrap .bold { font-weight: bold; }[/code] I don't really know why you have to put the comment tags in the CSS if it is in the regular html page. I'm taking a guess here, but i think that it has something to do with how browsers read the <style>'s...but I could be totally wrong on that on. I'll try and research that and see what I can come up with. hope that helped, -chris
  17. [quote author=wildteen88 link=topic=99660.msg392582#msg392582 date=1152200333] You shoud still be able to pass the php file through the validatar, but the php file mustbe  hosted on your site in order to validate it, you cannot validate your php file if its on your local computer. [/quote] ...unless you have you ip address in there but it won't work with "localhost"
  18. Why don't you just use one style sheet and include the comment for stuff in it. Wrap the comment include with a div id=comment_wrap then in your css #comment_wrap{ ... } #comment_wrap .some_class{ (This class will only show up when it's in the comment_wrap div) } Hope this helps, Let me know if you have any questions -Chris
  19. cmgmyr

    Large buttons :S

    Can you please be a little more descriptive? What's the problem that you are having? What is the outcome you want? -Chris
  20. The php tag helps out a lot, I like it.
  21. How come you just don't make your own? The link that you found is great, but I think it is overly bulky for just a comment section. You could make one yourself that is a lot smaller and faster. -Chris
  22. It might be overkill right now, but what if later you wanted to add more data, atleast in MySQL you can easily upgrade your tables to hold more data without messing with too much. Also MySQL is a LOT easier then messing around with flat files...IMO. -Chris
  23. You have to do something about the colors. It looks like a running page for senior citizens. Add some graphics of people running, woods, trails...something. Make it inviting. -Chris
  24. Add some sort of rollover effect to the top nav. Also get rid of the background, it looks messy and unprofessional. A little bit better then the first version. -Chris
  25. No problem. What is the page that you have the images on, i'll check it out and see if it works
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