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  1. Look up Paypal IPN. Here is what I did with one of my membership sites.


    1. User logs in

    2. User uses a certain dollar amount to purchase "tokens"...this can be just a simple paypal button

    3. Once the transaction is complete paypal IPN sends a signal to your script

    4. Your script sees if the signal from paypal is "approved" or not

    5. If approved take the dollar amount from paypal and add it into their "token" account on your site


    ...now you can just make an internal purchasing system with your tokens.

  2. hmmm...I think your issues go a little bit deeper then that. I found a lot of extra excapes in your code that could have been messing it up. Try this:

    //IF user hasn't yet submitted information
    if ($_POST[part_num] == NULL || $_POST[part_name] == NULL) {
    $pagedisp == "<h1>Add an item to inventory</h1>
    <FORM METHOD=\"POST\" ACTION=\"do_addinv3.php\">
    <P><em>General Information:</em></P>
    <P><STRONG>Part Number:</STRONG><BR>
    <INPUT TYPE=\"text\" NAME=\"part_num\" SIZE=14 MAXLENGTH=10></P>
    <P><STRONG>Product Name:</STRONG><BR>
    <INPUT TYPE=\"text\" NAME=\"part_name\" SIZE=50 MAXLENGTH=100></P>
    <P><STRONG>Set of: </STRONG>
    <INPUT TYPE=\"text\" NAME=\"peices\" SIZE=6 MAXLENGTH=10></P>
    <P><STRONG>Product Description:</STRONG> (if entered, this will be displayed on the product page)<BR>
    <TEXTAREA NAME=\"part_desc\" COLS=50 ROWS=5 WRAP=virtual></textarea></P>
      <select name=\"finish\" id=\"finish\">
    <option value=\"aged\" selected>aged</option>
    <option value=\"bamboo\">bamboo</option>
    <option value=\"blp\">BLP</option>
    <option value=\"cham\">cham</option>
    <option value=\"fountain\">fountain</option>
    <option value=\"glazed\">glazed</option>
    <option value=\"metal\">metal</option>
    <option value=\"rustic\">rustic</option>
    <option value=\"rv\">RV</option>
    <option value=\"sand finish\">sand finish</option>
    <option value=\"sandstone\">sandstone</option>
    <option value=\"test\">test</option>
    <option value=\"toadstools\">toadstools</option>
    <INPUT TYPE=\"text\" NAME=\"color\" SIZE=35 MAXLENGTH=100></P>
    <STRONG>NOTE:</STRONG><em> All dimensions are in inches.  Please type in numbers only.</em><br><br>
    <fieldset><STRONG>Size 1 Name: </STRONG>(ex: large, small)<BR>
    <INPUT TYPE=\"text\" NAME=\"size1name\" SIZE=10 MAXLENGTH=25>
    <INPUT TYPE=\"text\" NAME=\"width\" SIZE=8 MAXLENGTH=8></P>
    <INPUT TYPE=\"text\" NAME=\"height\" SIZE=8 MAXLENGTH=8></P></fieldset>
    <P><fieldset><STRONG>Size 2 Name:</STRONG><BR>
    <INPUT TYPE=\"text\" NAME=\"size2name\" SIZE=10 MAXLENGTH=25></P>
    <INPUT TYPE=\"text\" NAME=\"width2\" SIZE=8 MAXLENGTH=8></P>
    <INPUT TYPE=\"text\" NAME=\"height2\" SIZE=8 MAXLENGTH=8></P></fieldset>
    <P><fieldset><STRONG>Size 3 Name:</STRONG><BR>
    <INPUT TYPE=\"text\" NAME=\"size3name\" SIZE=10 MAXLENGTH=25></P>
    <INPUT TYPE=\"text\" NAME=\"width3\" SIZE=10 MAXLENGTH=25></P>
    <INPUT TYPE=\"text\" NAME=\"height3\" SIZE=10 MAXLENGTH=25></P></fieldset>
    <P><fieldset><STRONG>Size 4 Name:</STRONG><BR>
    <INPUT TYPE=\"text\" NAME=\"size4name\" SIZE=10 MAXLENGTH=25></P>
    <INPUT TYPE=\"text\" NAME=\"width4\" SIZE=10 MAXLENGTH=25></P>
    <INPUT TYPE=\"text\" NAME=\"height4\" SIZE=10 MAXLENGTH=25></P></fieldset>
    <P><fieldset><STRONG>Size 5 Name:</STRONG><BR>
    <INPUT TYPE=\"text\" NAME=\"size5name\" SIZE=10 MAXLENGTH=25></P>
    <INPUT TYPE=\"text\" NAME=\"width5\" SIZE=10 MAXLENGTH=25></P>
    <INPUT TYPE=\"text\" NAME=\"height5\" SIZE=10 MAXLENGTH=25></P></fieldset>
    <P><em>Product Availibilty:</em></P>
    <P><STRONG>Current Ammount in Stock:</STRONG><BR>
    <INPUT TYPE=\"int\" NAME=\"in_stock\" SIZE=10 MAXLENGTH=10></P>
    <P><STRONG>Current Ammount on Order:</STRONG><BR>
    <INPUT TYPE=\"int\" NAME=\"on_order\" SIZE=10 MAXLENGTH=10></P>
    <P><em>Product Pricing:</em></P>
    <P><STRONG>Wholesale Price:</STRONG><BR>
    <INPUT TYPE=\"text\" NAME=\"whole_price\" SIZE=10 MAXLENGTH=10></P>
    <P><STRONG>Retail Price:</STRONG><BR>
    <INPUT TYPE=\"text\" NAME=\"ret_price\" SIZE=10 MAXLENGTH=10></P>
    <input type='hidden' name='submitted' value='TRUE' id='".time()."' >
      <input type='hidden' name='MAX_FILE_SIZE' value='".$max_file_size."' >";
         $form .= "<input type='file' name='file[]'><br />";
       $form .= "<br /><font color='red'>*</font>Maximum file length (minus extension) is 15 characters. Anything over that will be cut to only 15 characters. Valid file type(s):";
           $form .= $file_types_array[$x].", ";
           $form .= $file_types_array[$x].".";
        uploaderFILES($num_of_uploads, $file_types_array, $max_file_size, $upload_dir);
    $form .= "
    <!-- Cancel for now <P><STRONG>Picture Link:</STRONG><BR>
    <INPUT TYPE=\"text\" NAME=\"pic_loc\" SIZE=75 MAXLENGTH=100></P>
    <P><STRONG>Extra Picture Link 1 (if applicable):</STRONG><BR>
    <INPUT TYPE=\"text\" NAME=\"pic_loc2\" SIZE=75 MAXLENGTH=100></P>
    <P><STRONG>Extra Picture Link 2 (if applicable):</STRONG><BR>
    <INPUT TYPE=\"text\" NAME=\"pic_loc3\" SIZE=75 MAXLENGTH=100></P>
    <P><STRONG>Extra Picture Link 3 (if applicable):</STRONG><BR>
    <INPUT TYPE=\"text\" NAME=\"pic_loc4\" SIZE=75 MAXLENGTH=100></P>
    <P><STRONG>Extra Picture Link 4 (if applicable):</STRONG><BR>
    <INPUT TYPE=\"text\" NAME=\"pic_loc5\" SIZE=75 MAXLENGTH=100></P> -->
    <P><INPUT TYPE=\"SUBMIT\" NAME=\"submit\" VALUE=\"Enter Item Into Inventory\"></P>
    <P><a href=\"cntrconmgrgrbw.php\">Go Back to Main Menu</a></P>";


    ...another hint that will help you out, try not to output that much html in php. It would be a lot easier on you if you stop the php write the html then start the php again.

  3. Thanks for the link. I checked it out, but I think it's going to be way too bulky for the application. Between the javascript includes and the html that I would have to include in the link...it's a lot of code.


    Thanks again though! Any other ideas? :)

  4. Well first of all it's good that you want to make things perfect. I run into this issue a lot too. Here is something that could help you out...Try and keep focused on the topic on hand...meaning make it work as best you can for that specific application, just so it works like you want it and how you need it to work. Once you are totally done with that application or script re-visit it later and fix it up when you aren't "on the clock".


    What I usually do is if I'm working through a script and think of something that could make it better but it's something I don't need currently, I just write myself a note so that I can re-visit it later.


    Hope that helps!

  5. I want to have a script that when you rollover an image it loads a page into a "pop-up". Kind of what Netflix does here: http://www.netflix.com/BrowseSelection?lnkctr=nmhbs. But I want to be able to move the mouse onto this pop up so that the user can click on elements in it (this will also have ajax elements in it). I uploaded an example of what I'm looking for (I just made it in photoshop).


    Does anyone know a tutorial that I can use, or an example? I've been looking for a while but I haven't found something that does what I want it to.




    [attachment deleted by admin]

  6. Hey All,

    I was surfing around the internet when I stumbled across something that some of you might find useful. Check out:




    All you have to to is enter in your business/personal expenses and hours you work and it pops out what you need to be making per hour. I though this was pretty neat and I figured that this would help some of you out there that are starting out with freelancing and getting a good hourly rate. This site also has a lot of great articles that are pretty useful.

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