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  1. Did you stop the process through Xamp? When you shut down your computer it should stop.
  2. Anyone tried Tonic? The docs seem very lacking. A friend suggested I check it out for a project he needs help on, but I thought it was pretty... Lacking.
  3. I spoke too quickly, I did get the email. Thanks again
  4. Woot! Figured with the new forum I might as well switch it up I didn't get a password reset email though, is the new software different in that regard?
  5. I'd like to change mine to Jessica. The current user with the name Jessica has 1 post but it's not visible. http://forums.phpfreaks.com/user/23296-jessica/ If you do approve the change to the existing name, will my account keep all of my old posts? If not I don't want to do it. Thanks.
  6. So is this the code that did not work? What happens when you attempt it?
  7. You'll need to post the code for delete.php then. And yes you will need a unique ID.
  8. If you're talking about in the form, most people would just select the text out of the box and delete it, or you can use the reset. If you're talking about deleting an existing comment, you would delete it from the database. Either way, I don't see anything having to do with delete in your code. When you say you tried it, what did you try.
  9. Maybe the image is broken - is it in the same folder as the file? Don't use dreamweaver, you're making it harder for yourself to learn in the long run.
  10. variables start with $ $vTakeout is a variable. vTakeout is a string literal. Turn on error reporting to ALL, and you'll get a better error for that.
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