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  1. I've attempted to use CI, and I've successfully used CakePHP, Symfony and Yii. If you need a framework, pick Symfony or Yii. NOT CI.
  2. If the div inside is floated, you'll need to add a clearing element right after them (within the container div) A br with clear:both usually works
  3. Since we still don't have images on mobile view I will have to "like" this via a quote. *liked*
  4. Do you understand what I wrote? Because it was pretty much a statement of fact, not anything to do with anyone's emotions.
  5. What you posted isn't even valid code.
  6. I'll bet you A. Don't have error reporting turned on. and B. Just copy and pasted that, without thinking about what $string needs to be.
  7. Also this is OVER abstracted. All of that data should be in one table anyway.
  8. You didn't post what you have tried, so you're asking someone to write it for you.
  9. The function parameter is $dbo. Then you look for $db.
  10. The substr is superfluous, you can use trim with a second parameter. Or even better use an array and implode.
  11. Everything is a big secret? What on earth does that mean? A. The path of least resistance is don't upgrade PHP. B. The best way to handle sending mail is to use a mailing class or service. There's PHP Mailer, Swift Mailer, etc etc.
  12. How is that unusual?? It's for exactly what you described. I personally can't believe you did any research and didn't find it. The PHP manual is your friend.
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