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  1. Everything is a big secret? What on earth does that mean?


    A. The path of least resistance is don't upgrade PHP.

    B. The best way to handle sending mail is to use a mailing class or service. There's PHP Mailer, Swift Mailer, etc etc.

  2. I did explain to you. Logically, if you don't have an error, then you were successful. Otherwise, you need to define what successful means.


    As for echoing it as a "message" instead of a "page", are you saying you want the form to always display after submission?

  3. You should post the entire line of code, as that's not anywhere near valid PHP.


    But I can assume that's part of an SQL query string.

    A. you should not use $_POST variables directly in the string.

    B. You should really switch to using prepared statements via mysqli/PDO.

    C. You also need single quotes for each array key. $_POST['Email Address'] is valid. You'll need to study up on string concatenation, interpolation, and escaping quotes to make that string work.

    D. You're also missing a single quote at the beginning of the set.

  4. He said No as in they are not "used to reduce memory consumption". He backed that up by showing the manual which says "The reference is merely a means of creating another variable for the same content; a reference. Its not a pointer and "they are not actual memory addresses"


    Your reply talked about memory addresses. Which it specifically says a reference IS NOT.


    You said "correct me if I'm wrong:" - You're wrong.

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