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  1. Hey, it makes more sense for 2.0 referring to "very strange brand names", "tags, clouds, ...". That's pretty much the case of my website. ober: even though it is not fixed in term of width, I made the content smaller so it looks more contained and it doesnt spread all over (for the public bookmarks). Can you tell me more on "some of your pages look very unorganized and poorly designed on bigger resolutions"? Like which ones in particular? I have 1024X768 at work now, but I have 1280X1024 at home and last time I checked it looked fine. You might be referring to the "Groups" section, if you tried to log in using the demo account. I know about this section. Thanks, Max
  2. Ok thanks for the info, we just make fun at school of the web 2.0 name since it doesn't *really* exists. As for Opera, I tried 8.5 first, and now I'm trying the version 9 beta, and it works perfectly. So is it that 8.5 has different rendering than version 9? Should I try to make it work in 8.5, or I shouldn't bother since it works in 9 and in IE and FF (that I tested so far)? For the tour, I will do that soon along with the help. I just want to make sure my content and design is ok before capturing images of the site, since I would have to do it all over again every time I make a major change. For the fix-width, do you have any suggestion in term of how I could apply it to the website? I am not sure to understand the need or difference of fix width versus taking all the space. Thanks, Max
  3. Hi ober. I installed Opera, and I noticed that the header <h2> (Welcome to GetBoo) isn't displayed on the left. I tried for the last hour to make it correct, but I couldn't achive any results. I think it is because of the float for the tab elements, but playing with their margin and padding, and with clear: both didn't solve the problem. Also, the ? in the forms don't work on mouse-over. I had a demo account before, but since I allow people to make their bookmarks public, I removed it. But it is back again, so you can try demo/demo to see the inside. As for the content, it is mainly the users who generate the content, hence the reference to "web 2.0". I like to take full width of the screen, especially when you pay for a big lcd screen you like websites when they use it all, rather than displaying a small 800X600 window. I am not sure a fix-width content would work. I use em in my style a lot so if the user changes the size of the display it should remains ok. Max
  4. Ok I did more modifications, added some content. I think fragmentation is better now, but still not sure how to handle the popular tags on the first page (if you look at the other pages it makes more senses with the added "recent tags" div). Tell me if its going in the right direction! Thanks, Max
  5. Ok I did a couple of changes, minor for most but I think it looks better now. Let me know what you think! Thank you! Max
  6. Hey guys, thanks a lot for your replies! I didn't have much time, but I did two minors modifications: the "Welcome" <h2> header is smaller, and the grey box around "Popular Tags" and also the other boxes on the other pages is gone, replaced by a skinner black border. moberemk: for the CSS, I will check for the cursors, but I think I had to do this for IE to display a proper "hand" for buttons to make them look like links (use in the members section). As for the other tags starting with an underscore, it is a "hack" for IE again, wich seems to read these properties since it doesn't do everything as it does in Firefox (in FF the font is bold, whereas in IE it doesnt, hence the extra _font-weight: bold). Also, I am not sure what you mean by "bring down the brightness on your header links", and that "the contrast between the bottom of the tab and the box beneath is really grating" (I know in IE the png gradient doesn't display properly). steviewdr: for the footer, I had problems in the past with making it stick to the bottom when the content of the page is not long enough, and I am aware there are many proposed solutions or hacks but I don't want to bother with a footer for now. Do you have any suggestions in order to make it more "contained" ?As for the font-sizes in the popular tags box, I'm trying to make what is called a "tag cloud", where more popular tags are displayed with bigger fonts. I know some sizes look weird, so is there any rules like certain sizes? Thanks a lot guys, I value your opinion as I wasn't 100% satisfied with my design but couldn't know why. Max
  7. Hi guys. I have a website I made and I based my style/layout on some other website for now since I wanted to spend more time on coding than design. I've asked my friends and their opinion is mixed. Many says it looks like some of these websites you get when you mistype the address and you get a page with tons of links. Its a social bookmarking website, so I do need to put links on the first pages. Any suggestions to make it better, or its just fine the way it is? Personally, I like its simpleness, in the sense that the content gets all the space, while keeping a convenient menu at the top. Also, I'm trying to make it XHTML compliant (you can check the source code), so that it uses proper standards. Here's the [a href=\"http://www.getboo.com\" target=\"_blank\"]website[/a]. Thanks, I appreciate! Max
  8. Hi. I'd like to do this on my site: to have an url such as www.google.com/index which would equal to www.google.com/index.php I mean that I don't want to type the .php extension for my php files. So, if there is no extension, add the .php and load the php file (if possible, do not display the .php). I'm sure its possible with an htaccess file, but not sure how to do it exactly (something with mod_rewrite for sure). THx!
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