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  1. To my eye that brings it together nicely, the decision lies with you though - if your happy, go with it! I like the borders aswell, that ties in with some colours in the background image.
  2. I would agree with you it is a good design and I like the colour schemes alot, I think it could do with some more content though as redbullmarky says you can flash through the site in no time at all. Why not add a brief description of some of the art you have and built that into your site rather than taking you to a new window where all you see is the image. That would add something to make people spend a bit more time exploring the different areas. In all a well presented site - well done!
  3. yeh well, a white background is great for reading I would agree but in this case I reckon it stands out from the rest of the design too much. I think you feel the same as its one of the things that you wasn't sure on, while i've been doing my site (which is up for review - see thread last chance saloon!) i've played somewhat obsessively with different colours for the background image and only after trying loads that i've felt I got the best one. I suggest white out of black as I find its the best comprimise on black text on white - still just as readable and dark enough to tie into the background and navbar. At the end of the day it doesn't hurt to try it out and see what you think. As far as fonts go there are sites where you can get some decent freebies the only one that springs to mind is flashkit.com, have a look and get one thats a bit bolder and not so rounded at the ends ( look at me with the technical blurb! ). As far as content what about some news on what sort of projects are on the go from Marvel, Dark Horse, etc (not DC as ive never got on with theirs!)?
  4. In general I think the layout is good, the colours work well together but I think the balance is wrong, the background image is nice but I think it contrasts with the white too much. I would try making the background for the content black (with white out text?) and using the orange as a highlight colour for headers or something to try and bring the design together more. I like the background of the banner but I think more could be done with the text to jazz it up - get creative with whatever program your using and maybe use a better typeface like serpentine? Keep up the good work!
  5. I've been tweeking this site for the past couple of hours now and not really doing much, so I thought I would throw myself into the lions den and see what feedback you lovely people could give me! In particular any ideas on how to fit a website header in - should I be a bit creative and use a graphic or format some text somehow? I am hesitant aboult the graphic option because of users who don't choose to display them, then again my target audience won't be that picky...arrrggh, what to do! This is only my 1st attempt at putting together an online portfolio and the 2nd design I have produced for it, as I really didn't feel the first one worked. This is the 1st site I have included PHP on and used CSS, overall im fairly happy with it but would appreciate your views so go ahead and have a look at my portfolio: [a href=\"http://www.m-hawkins.co.uk\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.m-hawkins.co.uk[/a]
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