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  1. Hey I've been working on this game in my spare time called Neotactics. I know that I'm using a common phpbb template and I will replace it once I get to the "design" part of my site. The main thing I am focusing on now is the game part of it. At the time I thought the game was a great idea but now it seems like once I get many users it will start running very slow because of the way you play. Note that the game is still in production and its not too fun to play yet. Also note that this game is running on my home connection on a wireless network... eek. That will be upgraded once I at least get the game part of it up and running smoothly. I just need to know if a website like this would work. Login: phpfreaks Password: testing I would suggest signing up and using your own username just incase someone else is currently looking at my site under this login. [a href=\"http://neotactics.net\" target=\"_blank\"]http://neotactics.net[/a]
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