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    Hi, So I stumbled across this site while trying to delete old online accounts in an attempt to make myself a bit more secure. It turns out I didn't actually create this account and at some point someone else was using my email address to sign up for various websites. Having read the couple of posts they made here, it seems like they were quite rude and arrogant, so sorry about that! This isn't the first site I've found an account on that I didn't create, and nothing malicious has ever been done so I'm assuming it's someone who genuinely doesn't know what their own email address is. Anyway, I've recently started to learn some web development stuff in attempt to move away from nursing, and since Wordpress is so popular I dare say learning PHP will be useful, so I've decided to just use this account instead of deleting it! I look forward to learning from you all and hopefully providing some help to others in the future. I hereby take full responsibility for any future rudeness and arrogance! Cheers, garwil
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