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  1. If it were not CNN I would think it was a joke lol.... It's up to 1.4b? Wow!
  2. It's funny to me that someone that high up in the PHP chain (the top perhaps) actually took the time to respond to that non-sense bug report. lol.
  3. I would make links absolute personally.
  4. The problem is that it's looping infinitely. RewriteRule ^(.*)\.php$ /page.php?id=$1 (500/404) With RewriteRule, only the page name is compared, not the query string too (in other words, only /path/page.php, not /path/page.php?blah=bleh). AS such, RewriteRule ^(.*)\.php$ matches page.php.... So, it goes into an infinite loop. Try something like: RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteRule ^(.*)\.php$ /page.php?id=$1
  5. Hrmmm, there are only two things I can think of: -//home should be /home unless you really are trying to access the path //home -Unless there's a major bug (and there's not), the whole a/a+ adding a space to the name thing doesn't seem likely. Perhaps you should just run trim on $email?
  6. You'll need to use ActionScript, and it's pretty easy. If you don't have previous coding experience though, it might be a bit confusing.
  7. imagesx Will give you the width of an image.
  8. There was a brief period in which users could submit tutorials, but as far as I know, users cannot currently do so (must be Guru or above). I could be wrong though. I searched the forum and couldn't find anything about it. I would wait until a mod or admin says you can't to give up, but I'm like 95% sure that you can't.
  9. Hrmm, still not resolved, but I guess whatever works . lol.
  10. I think that's the joke of it. (Or did I miss your sarcasm?)
  11. *Insert inappropriate joke here* Anyway, I don't typically get stuck on things so much as every now and then I have to stop and do a quick mental sanity check where I think about how everything is acting with everything else and make sure the design makes sense. If I do come across something that stumps me though, or I can't think, I typically watch TV, play games, or just random other stuff. Edit: I guess that doesn't really answer the place question.... I guess just where ever .
  12. Did you try running your Java server on 80? Maybe for some weird reason your ISP only blocks looped back WAN requests on certain ports or something. Besides some weird situation like that, I don't know what this could be lol.
  13. Oh, yeah, I forgot that the website was saying it could connect.... Does the website say it can't connect if you take the server down? Maybe it's reporting a false positive.
  14. Hrmmmm, try stopping Apache for a minute, switching the server to listen on port 80, then have the client connect to it. If that works, then either your router or ISP is blocking port 90. If that still doesn't work, then it's a Java problem.
  15. Must be a router problem.... The code seems fine, and outside connections can connect to it. Some routers/ISPs don't handle very well an IP address looping back to itself through the internet. But then, I don't know how port 80 would work.... Hrmmm... So when you run the server on port 80 it connects, or did you just point the client to Apache or something?
  16. Have you setup a slow query log? Also, are you sure it's MySQL and not the game server?
  17. Hrmmm.... Very strange problem. Can we see some code?
  18. Considering that the syntax is correct and that PHP supports that, I suspect that permission actually is denied. Have you checked the permissions?
  19. Does the Apache user have read access to /usr/share/pear?
  20. Hrmmm.... Kinda pointless, but nifty ;p.
  21. 4chan is always up to shenanigans.
  22. oni-kun, I think you meant to leave out that !. Anyway, in response to OP first question: You can't rely on JavaScript. You can do that if you want, but the AJAX object will be destroyed before the user leaves the page (unless you tried to do it synchronously, but the browser could ignore that, or it could piss people off). Also, some people disable JS, so they would be logged in forever. Anyway, you'll need to keep track of the last time a user actually made an action. (So essentially every time a page is loaded, you'll need to update a timestamp somewhere.) Then you pick a threshold, x for now, and find users where the last action time > time() - x.
  23. http.responseText.documentElement That property doesn't exist, hence the undefined. Just use http.responseText. (http://www.w3.org/TR/XMLHttpRequest/#text-response-entity-body) Also, why are you doing a while loop for a query with a LIMIT 1? Also, inside the query, you're setting $response over again each loop meaning you will only get the last result in it (assuming you had more than 1 result).
  24. setTimeout("fadeIn(" + el + ", " + (val+0.1) + ")", ; If you passed in elem for el: setTimeout("fadeIn(elem, " + (val+0.1) + ")", ; Which is invalid (when elem is meant to be a constant). setTimeout("fadeIn('" + el + "', " + (val+0.1) + ")", ; Or, you might be able to just use (I don't it will work... I don't know at what point vars are parsed and what scope setTimeout callbacks are called in): setTimeout("fadeIn(el, " + (val+0.1) + ")", ;
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