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  1. Thanks for the reply. I had considered memcache and I plan to use it for other activities. However, I am probably overthinking things here. I tend to do that. It's probably best for me just to get the thing running and then I can always play around with concepts later on if necessary.
  2. Don't have my mind really made up as much as while I was typing the original post I started to think of something (which sometimes happens). Really wasn't married to the concept. I thought about some of the stuff you were talking about but I agree with you it's more headache than it's worth. Thanks!
  3. The star rating is an example. It also applies to marking items as favorites and such. The system I'm writing has the potential to be rather big and I'm trying to find the best method early on. Plus I want it to be as peppy as I can make it. Using batch functionality for so many write statements is supposedly quite a bit faster than doing them one at a time. From what I've read though I can append to a text file (people say it's faster than DB writes) and mysql has an import function from text that's supposedly pretty peppy. My goal is to have it where the system automatically applies the action after x number of write statements (or when the file size becomes too big), or after so many minutes (whatever comes first). This system can obviously be adjusted depending on the need. Plus with a text file I have some form of integrity incase the system goes down before the write statements are done.
  4. What I'm trying to do is implement features like a star rating system, favorites, etc and I'd like to find a way to do this to where I'm not writing to a DB after each action. I was thinking of making use of memory to store actions and then apply them after a select number of statements, is this recommended or should I maybe store to a text file or something? Any other ideas?

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