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  1. I agree. With proper details a lot of things are possible. Someone would be able to help you get a solution once the big picture is provided. Having a database with the original text and the encrypted almost defeats the purpose of encryption in the first place though. It's not very secure for any purpose.
  2. I have a client who wanted some assistance getitng his feed to get accepted into Itunes. When I first started it was throwing an error message. I spent some time and debugged it. It was because his image wasn't 1400*1400 or bigger. I fixed that and a few other small issues and got the error messages to go away. Now it's throwing a generic error instead. His feed can be found here: http://feeds.feedburner.com/feedburner/WXsXr At first the issue was the image not being the right size (1400*1400). So I fixed that nad now it's just giving me a generic error message. Can’t download episodes from your feed. It's pulling down the feed information, logo and other details and it's trying to load the one episode that's on the feed (which actually as an audio file) but it' snot showing it having any audio. Any advice on what else I need to edit and fix to get this working?
  3. You, my friend, are a saint. I tried that when I first started (reformatted the file). I didn't think about that. Thanks, that worked.
  4. A: Code is as follows: <?php/** * Jetpack Compatibility File * Add theme support for Infinite Scroll. * See: http://jetpack.me/support/infinite-scroll/ */function zerif_jetpack_setup() { add_theme_support( 'infinite-scroll', array( 'container' => 'main', 'footer' => 'page', ) );}add_action( 'after_setup_theme', 'zerif_jetpack_setup' ); ?> I also tried reformatting and redownloading the latest copy of the file. Same issue. B) Yes, that was off PHP Info. At the top: PHP Version 5.4.45 -- Thanks!
  5. A client of mine finished up a new website for himself and needed some assistance taking it live. At first I thought it would be a standard site move. It didn't work out. I moved the files and database over and setup the URL's and everything. Then when I took it live I got the dreaded 500 server error. I spent some time debugging and checked the error log and ran into these errors: [08-May-2017 22:46:21 UTC] PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'function' (T_FUNCTION) in /home/###/public_html/wp-content/themes/zerif-lite/inc/jetpack.php on line 1 [08-May-2017 22:46:27 UTC] PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'function' (T_FUNCTION) in /home/###/public_html/wp-content/themes/zerif-lite/inc/jetpack.php on line 1 I removed the duplicates. I did a lot of digging regarding this issue and so far everything I've tried came up empty. If anyone has any advice or feedback I'd appreciate it. It's using PHP Version 5.4.45. If you need any further information, let me know.
  6. Fire FTP is my favorite for Binary (dreamweavers ftp doesn't support that), other than that I love Dreamweaver built in FTP support.
  7. The code you gave me is amazing. THis is something I Fought with on another project that took me about 2 weeks and still didn't finish. I was wondering,w hat about this code makes it work for any situation. Can you reput the code (anyone) and comment it as best you can to help me fully understand the code, so I can understand it and study it some? Thanks again for the help.
  8. Hmm, thanks a lot for finding that. I just happened to come back and check this post. I will go ahead and relay the message to him, I am having him call me, I will explain how and why that is an issue. Get him to set some stuff in place to fix it. Thank you for the feedback.
  9. Thank you for the advice. based on all the advice I have recieved here, and thanks to all the inspiriation I was able to create a pretty good list. I am pretty sure this will greatly limit the vunerabilities that exist on the site. If some admin, could be so kind as to just eliminate that url that is listed in this above. I want to remove all entries to the site, I just wanted it up there temporarily to get some help. Again thank you all for the wonderful advice. I think I have enough to get this as secured as I can. SOLVED
  10. So should this be the time when I pick up where I left off with Mcrypt. i was trying to understand the keys awhile back, is this going to be the situation where I need to start using it again. Or is there something lighter I can trust more for a site that is going to have someone tryign there hardest to hack it. He has already gotten pretty drastic with it at this point. I am sure he would do anything to try and get access to anything on the site he wasn't suppose to, so the utmost security has to be set in place. I am preparing a list of things that need to be done and presenting them to the client. This is a list of what I have, from here I am going to expand on the list and present it. Hopefully this will be everything almost.
  11. Yes, they are encrypted through md5 However I did notice when you sign up it sends you an email with the password in plain text, should this be taken out?
  12. Ok, I turned off directory access. I am going to follow all advice on here and heavily work on securing that login. 1. Making accounts validate the email 2. Building login captcha 3. Do the recording/restrictions that were altered here 4. Clean variables (critical areas, it's a huge site) Hopefully once these issues are spoken out, and fixed, this will remove the hacking. He has also mentioned about shutting the site down, so I hope he doesn't have high level access I was not aware of.
  13. Perfect, both of those will be fixed. However there is one thing happened that is causing this. THere is one user that has gotten into the site. One user that got into the site, that caused a problem He has been getting into other people's accounts and transferring money from there account to his. Based on what the admin says he has gotten into a total of 8 accounts so far. He will continue unless I figure out what he is putting in there.
  14. Thanks for the advice. However I have not asked many questions, at most I am limiting it to 2 questions open at any one time. I also have made sure I mark each one, as answered and set them to solved. I have been doing so, based off the advice from other's. thanks for all the advice however, based on teh suggestions I have an idea, thanks. SOLVED
  15. Ok, any more really hard tests would be appreciated. I understand the issue with variables (sitewide) not being cleaned, and I intend to fix that, but there are a lot of variables and a lot of celaning to do. Most of them are passed straight into queries. If anyone else want's to do what they can, it's appreciated. I told him there would be multiple testers going through the site, trying to find security issues, so anything that anyone can uncover wuold help a lot. Thanks so far.
  16. I actually have 2 suggestions I would like to offer. They may have been discussed before but I didn't seea ny occurences of these 2) 1. I think that the topic solved mod is a great idea. It really does help to let people know when the answer has been given, and you are done with that post. I really think it should also be in the misc as well, a lot of people ask questions in misc, and I for one would always marked solve if it was a question related one. 2. In the freelance forum I wish we could have the edit limit removed. Because there might be time's when people want to edit there original list, for instance there first post has there portfolio links or something, then if they are able to edit it, they could just re-edit it, or something else, instead of having to delete it, because ones that have been there longer have been viewed longer. A posting there with 650+ views, having to start back at 0 could probably bother someone. Just some ideas (thanks)
  17. I didn't know whether to post this in here, or in website critique. I don't want a critique, just security advice. I have found substantial loopholes in hte coding ( variables not being cleaned at all, variables passed straight into queries unsanitized (on every page), I am getting started fixing that. I was wondering if someone can help me point out other security issues. The system was hacked, multiple times. People kept getting into user accounts, and emptying there banks, as well as other things. I am trying to beef up security as much as possible, also any advice on some good way's to really beef up security on this specific site would be appreciated. I have a few things I am goign to do (login limit (3 times before 24 hours banning), captcha's on login to help discourage brute force), those are some ideas I am entertaining right now. I am also cleaning all variables site wide (huge job), as well as some other stuff. {link removed at request of user} That is the url Thanks for the help, and security advice. If this should be in critique's, then please move it there, but this wasn't really a critique. it was more of a security test.
  18. I am wondering, does anyone have a blog they have integrated before. Looking for something with multiple uer's that has some decent features. I am currently trying to integrate www.b2evolution.com but it's such a large program, with such a wierd structure, chances are the time spent changing the user table over to my own table that I am using, is goign to take a considerable amount of time, to fully perform the integration. I would rather have something easier to integrate, any advice?
  19. Ok, that is very helpful. Thanks to both of you. I will start looking around for feed's then work with that code to get them to display. Thanks again SOLVED
  20. Hmm, that is the thing. Needing to get together something quickly A simple system that is already built to handle it, if there is nothing I have no choice however.
  21. Sorry * News Aggregator. However no, I don't know too much about what they are. I know a new's feed is an xml feed with new's, and an aggragator handles feed's. I just need "something" that handles what I asked, or atleast a good new's feed that I can rely on. I don't know exactly what is needed either, he just said he wanted hispanic news setup on his site, not sure what I am looking for, just looking. Any advice?
  22. I need a new's feed * Universal reports * By zipcode (optional) * Can be viewed in spanish/english Any ideas on something php/mysql, something free/open source, or something in xml.
  23. Perfect, thank you for the advice, I will bookmark this post for later, and try these idea's. Thanks again.
  24. Nevermind, one = was suppose to be == Thanks.
  25. I have a function that get's the extension of a file (it work's, it's been tested, it echo's out the extension when echod) however it's not working on the if-ifelse statement to test the extension against a variety of conditions. <h1>Audio/Video Viewing Section</h1> <?php $id = deepclean($_GET['id']); $select = "SELECT * FROM user_files WHERE id = '$id';"; $query = mysql_query($select); if ($row = mysql_fetch_array($query)) { $ext = getext($row['filename']); if ($ext == ".rm" || $ext = ".ram") { require_once($docroot . "/views/view_realmedia.php"); }elseif ($ext == ".mov") { require_once($docroot . "/views/viewwindowsmedia.php"); }elseif ($ext == ".wmv" || $ext == ".wma" || $ext == ".mp3") { require_once($docroot . "/views/view_quicktime.php"); }elseif ($ext == ".swf") { require_once($docroot . "/views/view_flash.php"); }else { echo "Match Not Found.<br />"; } } ?> That is pretty much all the relevant code, each include (triple checked) holds the information to embed a different type of player. It's suppose to (based on extension) send them to the right one. Right now, it's including the real player one, the file is wmv, I have it set to open quicktime, but it still keep's opening real player. Is something wrong with my conditional statement in some way.
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