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  1. Sensei - how in the world are you getting a value for $level...?
  2. a really good dude put this Query/output together for me, where i've now tried to add a new field, "info" to the 'persons' table, and am unable to query it correctly within the array: person_id| fname | lname | [[ info ]] 1 Lyndon B Johnson some info here... 2 Bobby Baker (null) 3 Malcolm Wallace (null) 4 George de Mohr (null) 5 Lee Harvey Oswald (null) 6 Howard Hunt (null) 7
  3. incidentally, this is the raw html that i'm attempting to convert to database driven data: http://stemmonsfreeway.com/ - if you take a look, scroll down past the "Intro" and open "Military Industrial..." You'll see what I'm talking about, how much data there will be - this is only a start of the project. It's going to continue growing...
  4. Sensei, you Rock (that's American for "thanks, Mate"). This is going to be an enormous database and hopefully a terrific addition to the JFK Assassination community. I will add your name as an appreciated contributor when it's public, with your permission. Thanks so much, Mate.
  5. Dude, I believe you've nailed it. I didn't get a notif. for this, so I'm just now seeing it, but it looks more than perfect. I'm trying it now, and will come back and thank you...
  6. firstly, I am not a db programmer. I ply my trade in WordPress stuff, but not in-depth db structuring from scratch. please keep that in mind as I do my best to ask this question? I have made some headway creating two tables that I think will almost, kinda do what I want, which is: Phillips pid1Barnes pid2Moore pid3de Mohrenschildt pid4Oswald pid5 Hunt pid6Sturgis pid7Moore pid3 I've created a (really large) outline in html that simply shows, in effect: Phillips (knows) » Barnes (supervised) » Moore (supervised) » de Mohrenschildt (knows) » Oswald ... AS WELL AS, Phillips (k
  7. this is tricky to explain: I have a raw php script, written by someone else, that sends an email to a list extracted from a CSV file. It requires that certain values in the file be manually edited each time it's used, such as the following: $mail->setFrom('email@email.com', 'From Name'); // <==== change email address, From Name $subject = "Subject Line"; // <==== Adjust this subject $html = ' html here '; // <==== include email html MagicParser_parse("test.csv","myRecordHandler","csv|44|1|34"); // <==== change 'test.csv' file name the function is c
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