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  1. also in logs i have found Session Cache is not configured [hint: SSLSessionCache]
  2. Cookies: array(0) { } Session: array(0) { } is displayed both times... but if i go into the session temp file in server i see : test-8165|s:4:"test";
  3. The sessions on my server are being written but are not getting read the following code used: <?php session_start(); if (isset($_POST['submit'])) { if(!isset($_SESSION['cheese'])) { $_SESSION['cheese'] = 1; } else { $_SESSION['cheese']++; } } ?> session_start() creates new session on page reload meaning its not picking up the session. The above code displays no value. php ini file looks like this for sessions:
  4. know in excel to Calculate poisson probability percentage i just use =POISSON( 2, 3.55, FALSE) but is there a similar thing I can use in php as i have found http://php.net/manual/en/function.stats-cdf-poisson.php but it has no documentation to use it
  5. I am trying to join 3 tables together using the following sql command: SELECT tg.Kickoff, tg.League, tg.home, tg.away, ln.Full, ln.Mysite, ln.Country, tl.mydb FROM `todaysgames` AS tg INNER JOIN `leaguenames` AS ln ON tg.League = ln.Othersites INNER JOIN `teamlookup` AS tl ON tg.home = tl.websitedb OR tg.away = tl.websitedb; The issue is I get is it doubles each row. What I am looking to do is for each tg.home and tg.away is replace it with the tl.websitedb (this basically amends the name). would this be possible? (Below is the current output) And here is the desired output
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