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  1. I don't have much experience with searching and such, so I'm not sure if there's a better way to do that, but there's a minor typo in the query...


    It should be hddcap LIKE '%$hddcap%' (or hddcap>'$hddcap' if the variable is 0 - otherwise you'll get anything where hddcap has a 0 in it).


    I'm assuming you meant to put preg_replace after the = in those two "get variables" lines...

  2. Where is $id2 being set?


    Also, the first query in the second block of code is invalid - you can't use WHERE in an INSERT query (you're inserting a new row, so there's not going to be anything in that column yet).

  3. Hi all


    i'm starting a website soon about meeting and playing games. I am in the process of thinking about which forum system to choose. I am thinking about using the forum system as a way to hold login info on users and other users game info but I also want to put in extra functionlity such as:

    - Adding reviews

    - Auto generate a forum post

    - Setting up a time for an online play session.

    - Linking to flickr

    - linking to facebook?


    Essentially I am interested in using a forum system that has good integration or framwork for building mods. I have noticed that SMF and phpBB seem to be really popular. I would use a CMS but don't want to be tied down to it and want to start with the basic forum then extend it/customise it later.


    If anyone could comment, point us to blogs, tutorials or provide some other pointers, I'll be eternally grateful! I'm trying to get back into my php programming again and dont mind a little bit of code grinding but still a bit of a novice!


    thanks in advance! ;D


    SMF's integration hooks make it easy to integrate other software with the forum :)



  4. $q="SELECT * FROM dd_rating WHERE ItemID = ".$ItemID ." AND username = '".$_SESSION[username]."'";
    $r2 = mysql_query($q);
    if (!mysql_num_rows($r2))
    echo '<b><center>You have not yet rated this joke </center></b><br />';
    $row = mysql_fetch_array($r2))
    echo '<b><center>You have given this joke a rating of ' . $rate = $row['Rating'] .' </center></b><br />';


    Two typos:

    One too many "r"s in "mysql_fetch_array"

    Missing a ' before ] in the last echo line.

  5. That first site is by far the worst, although a few of those sites have so much content on the main page that it's amazing anyone can find what they're looking for...

    I love the message I get when I go to the harrold.org site with Firefox:

    [quote]Your browser has not been checked for parasites, because it isn’t Internet Explorer 5.5 (or later) for Windows.

    For technical reasons, the automatic-detection feature on this web page requires IE’s ‘ActiveX’ feature. (Other browsers and operating systems are not as vulnerable to parasites.)[/quote]

    They come right out and say "other browsers and operating systems are not as vulnerable to parasites", yet it seems like they're also saying "You'll get more out of this site if you use IE"...
  6. SMF does have several built-in news feeds (available in 5 formats - ATOM, RDF, RSS, RSS2 and XML):

    http://www.phpfreaks.com/forums/index.php?action=.xml - Base URL

    Optional parameters:

    sa - the sub-action. Determines what feed is shown - can be news (latest posts that are the first post in a particular topic in each board), recent (recent posts - default), profile (user's profile) or members (latest members)

    limit - how many items to show. Can be anything between 5 and 255. Default is 5.

    type - what type of feed to show. If not specified, XML is used. Can be atom, rdf, rss or rss2

    Special parameters:

    For "recent" and "news" (optional - only one parameter can be used at a time):

    c - either a single category ID or a comma-seperated list of category IDs (limits display to posts from boards in the specified category/categories)
    board - single board ID (limits display to posts from the specified board)
    b - comma-seperated list of board IDs (limits display to posts from the specified boards)

    Required parameter for "profile":

    u - the user ID of the member whose profile you wish to view
  7. There's an easy way to post code without using the code box - just use [nobbc][pre][/pre][/nobbc]. This will preserve spacing/formatting and also display things in an easy-to-read fixed-width font. If you do this though, you should also make sure to select the "Don't use smileys." option under "Additional options..." on the main post screen so that your code won't end up having smileys scattered throughout it.

    The horizontal scrolling is done to prevent extra-wide code from stretching out the rest of the page, which is really annoying, especially for those using the dreaded 800x600 resolution...

    As akitchin stated, word-wrapping within the code box would make things extremely difficult to read and would make it hard to find specific lines without copying the code and pasting it into notepad or another text editor.
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