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  1. Lodius, we refer to those as PEBKAC errors (preferably in front of the people with the problem) Where the "problem exists between the keyboard and chair."
  2. Of course, length isn't everything Tell that to my girlfriend! But yes, it's true. I see sha256 as an algorithm with nothing more than collision protection and a desire to fill my hard drive with hex numbers. I've said it and I'll say it again, I do nothing more than salt an md5 and it's served me well for many many many years. edit: darn repeated words
  3. edit: nevermind, the comment to which I was replying no longer exists.
  4. sha256 is 256 bits... - hence: 32 bytes long - expressed as hex: 64 characters long md5 is 128 bits.. - hence: 16 bytes long - expressed as hex: 32 characters long sha256 is twice as long as md5 any way you cut it. It's an understandable mistake though, it's hard to remember the length of all of these hashes.
  5. collisions are just where two strings have the same hash value.. what I meant is if you have a string encrypted omgsupersecretlongstringiamgoingtoencrypt and it has the same md5 hash as hai it's a security vulnerability.. but the probability of that is virtually zero. I've always used salted md5 hashes, and I'll use them until someone's rainbow tabled them all or I find something I like better. sha256 makes an sha hash twice as long as an md5 hash (which is 128 bits I believe). Theoretically (and logically) it means less collisions. Whether you use sha or md5 really isn't a HUGE decider in your security.. pick a good salt and just don't worry about it until you need to
  6. Doing a million function calls is overkill... just use a salted MD5 hash. Yeah, collisions happen, but they happen in virtually every hash. The chances of an md5 hash you salted matching a short-length collision are astronomically low. Don't be so paranoid
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