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  1. wildteen88, I followed your instructions to the T. After reading it just clicked in my head on what I had to do. Everything was set and done. Logged out and I was greeted to phpmyadmin not being able to read my config file. Then I remember reading someone had the same problem and it was fixed by clearing out the browsers cache. Once I did that everything was golden. Thanks a bunch. Maybe a mod can put this in a tutorial for setting up phpmyadmin's advanced features. Very helpful! Once again thanks!
  2. I have been reading through the manual. I gave it a go but I ended up screwing something up. I deleted my phpadmin folder and started over fresh because I didnt know what I screwed up. The manual doesnt really list everything out in step by step order. I need something thats dumbed down for a newbie. From what I gather I need to create a control user for phpmyadmin, give it rights and then setup a new database for phpmyadmin to use for the advanced features? Is there a certain order in which I need to do this? I dont even know how to go about this.
  3. Im running on windows Vista, installed the latest version of apache, php and mysql. Now I have phpadmin running but I get this message when I log in. I have been googling for the past hour because i'd like to enable these features. I have been only coming up with vague answers on how to set this up. I'm more of a beginner so I need some help!
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