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  1. Yes they will all hold numbers.Wins will be 1-120, Losses will be 1-50 streak will be 1-100 and rank is actually a math problem dividing losses by wins( not sure if this belongs in the table or not)
  2. OK neither of what I was told to use was on that list
  3. where can I find info on how to use those? as in what area in this site?
  4. I want to create a table with the following: [color=blue]CREATE TABLE bhd_singles ( clanid int(25) NOT NULL auto_increment, clan_name varchar(25) NOT NULL default '', last_battle NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00', wins losses streak rank [/color] I am not sure what commands to put in to define data on the last four rows. Can somebody help me?
  5. So then each option calls a new php file which selects the proper table? Which would mean calling a whole new page for each MySQL table.
  6. Will do. But won't the dropdown box be a php thing?
  7. I am creating a site for gamers to play tournaments online. I need to insert the following into a table on my pages. I want to create a db table to list all of the listed game clans for each ladder: Singles,Doubles,Quads and so on. I would like to have the page automatically load the quads table but then offer a dropdown box that will let the user select between which ladder will show up. Can this be done without the page changing and only the information in that section of my table changing? I'm thinking have the php commands set at that area of my table. Have these codes automatically call the Quads clans from the db.<--Not sure I will even be able to do that. Then what really confuses me is how do I get the dropdown box to select which potion of the table I want. I am guessing that I first need to set up a different table for each:Singles, Doubles, and Quads.  Then I would prob start the php in my table with my include'db.php'; What I don't know is how to call each table from the db to page view, via:dropbox. When it does do this I need to set it up so it can display other things from the table other than the clan name.  Sorry post is so long.  If you can understand all of my jibberish and think you can help, please respond.
  8. Thank you andyB. Finally it worked I couldn't use $_POST['username'] because the form was already handled in my checkuser.php file. I looked up how it was defined in there and VOILA!! SUCCESS!!! Gosh you people are smart.  Only my first week. Hard to learn it and build the site at the same time. Thank you for your cooperation. :) :) :)
  9. Another noob ? How do I define it then. I understand what you are saying but I have about 3-4 comands memerised.
  10. <? session_start(); echo "Welcome ". $_SESSION['username'] ."     <br /><br />"; ?> I'm not sure what you mean. I have a very limited background in PHP and up till recently most was copy and paste then edit where I had to.  This script worked before when it was called by an include message and this script was labeled welcome.php
  11. OK then I have a welcome message set to come up when my page loads. It is supposed to echo Welcome! and then display the username that was used to login. It only displays Welcome! and appears that the username is not being called. Here is the PHP part of the page: <? session_start(); echo "Welcome ". $_SESSION['username'] ."      <br /><br />"; ?>
  12. Must I start a db connection in order to get a session to start?
  13. TYVM. I must say this is by far the most useful and friendly forum I think I have ever been a part of.
  14. Eventually I will have about 8 different user levels. Can I just use HEADER to send them to the correct page?
  15. I am running a checkuser.php with my login system. How can I direct them to the properpage in my login_success.php. I believe I understand what to do I just don't know which command to use to send them to the proper user level page. This is what I have now that doesn't work. I don't think include is the right statement. Can anyone point me in the right direction? <? session_start(); include 'welcome.php';     if($_SESSION['user_level'] == 0){     include 'user_level_0.html'; } if($_SESSION['user_level'] == 1){     include 'user_level1.php'; } ?>
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