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  1. Just tested and works GREAT! Thank you so much. I tested on two JSONs and one one of them i get a NOTISE on this: saying: But on other example it worked great. Wow this will help me so much. You are a true magician : D PS. while i was extensively Googling i found this tool: https://jsonschema.net/#/editor it goes a step further and generates a JSON schema based on the JSON input which is also good but from what i see it uses some kind of an API from Google which i can't seem to find.
  2. Wow those are some nice ideas. I can't wait to see the code. Thank you so much man. I've been digging around the net and i couldn't find example of others trying to do something similar.
  3. Yup that is exactly what i'm trying to get. A unique JSON structure for any JSON. Without repeating keys and arrays. Exactly what you posted.
  4. Hi guys, i've been struggling with a problem regarding reading the JSON structure, decoding it and than trying to extract a UNIQUE key structure from it. So let me show you by example what im trying to do here. Let's take a look at this JSON: { "status": true, "message": "Everything was ok", "posts":[ { "id": 1, "post_type": "type_a", "posted_on": "", "updated_on":"", "user":{ "id": 1, "name": "" }, "num_comments": 2, "comments":[ { "id": 1, "comment":"", "commented_on":"", "user":{ "id": 1, "name": "", "profile_image": "" } }, { "id": "", "comment": "", "commented_on": "", "user":{ "id": "", "name": "", "profile_image":"" } } ], "message": "", "images":[ { "image":"", "image_large":"" } ] }, { "id": 2, "post_type": "type_b", "posted_on": "", "updated_on":"", "notes":{ "id": 1, "name": "" }, "user":{ "id": 1, "name": "" }, "num_comments":"0", "images":[ { "image":"", "image_large":"" } ] }, ] } So as you can see from the example the structure of the two post arrays varies, one has a comments section, the other one doesnt, one has a notes section, the other one doesnt etc etc. What i would somehow like to be able to do is extract a UNIQUE JSON structure for this document. Meaning i only care about the KEYS not the values and i wanna show the user what can he expect and what are the possibilities. Here is my code so far: function keys_are_equal($array1, $array2, $key) { return !array_diff_key($array1, $array2) && !array_diff_key($array2, $array1); } function prettyParseJson($json) { $decoded = json_decode($json, true); if($decoded && is_array($decoded)) { return recursiveJsonRead($decoded); } } function recursiveJsonRead($data) { $previous_array = array(); $unique_array = array(); foreach ($data as $key => $val) { if(is_array($val)) { if(!empty($val)) { if(keys_are_equal($previous_array, $val, $key)) { } else { $unique_array[$key] = gettype($val); $unique_array[$key] = recursiveJsonRead($val); $previous_array = $val; } } } else { $unique_array[$key] = gettype($val); } } return $unique_array; } As you can see im trying to decode the json, im trying to walk through it and extract all keys and their types but currently it only works if the structure is ALWAYS the same, if it varies if creates duplicates of keys that are already defined in a previous array. And again i hope im explaing this correctly but all i wanna do is be able to load a JSON file and read out its UNIQUE key structure. If someone can help me out it would be great cos im losing my mind over it.
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