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  1. Still times new roman Still too tightly packed Still too many colors Still bad images...
  2. William looked a lot like William (Bill) Gates... And the song was plain creepy.
  3. Also works in Opera 9.1 just so you know.
  4. The header image looks better now... the colors are still plain, and that weird box behind the right column looks way out of place. The tabs are kind of floating still. Instead of tabs, why don't you do boxes for navigation instead, to match the site?
  5. You should not use Serif fonts in web design, except for highlight text (headers, etc.) Sans Serif fonts are better for main text. Most computers support Arial, Verdana, and Trebuchet (I think).
  6. And a link to it would be nice.
  7. OK, I think I can take that and apply it.
  8. Have someone enter tags that describe their site in a form. The form processes the text and enters the tags into the database. I want to know the best way to do this so it can be retrieved and the tags will be displayed seperately. So: 1. User enters tags in form, seperated by comments (dont need help here) 2. Form adds tags to database (best way to do this please?) 3. Tags need to be processed as seperate, without commas, upon retrieval The main thing here is the fact that each phrase seperated by commas needs to be seperated, and for all purposes they need to be seperate, and I need to know the best way to store the tags in a database.
  9. Times New Roman. Too many colors Too tightly packed Using Opera 9.1
  10. -You don't identify the website anywhere but in the header. -The dashed border is uneven around the content inside, giving it a very messed up feel. -The tabs don't flow into anything. They just get cut off.
  11. How do you seperate phrases with comments? If you ask them for tags to describe their website, and say you type in "PHP, Coding, Web Design", how would the script seperate the 3 phrases, and store them in the database? More of, what is the best way to store tags for something in a database (I can write the DB insert script)? ??? Please help! AXiSS
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