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  1. I need to enter an array of values into a database, having each value be inserted as it's own row. I've searched for how to do it and the best I found was the foreach() function. So, would: foreach ($array as value) { $result = mysql_query("INSERT INTO some_table (value1, value2) VALUES ('$value', '$someOtherValue')"); } work, or is there a better way to do it?
  2. You can have session start before a header, just move all of your login code above the HTML and it should work.
  3. I think the main nav rollover could be better, and (at least in Opera), the rounded corners on the undernav and text box look a bit messed up. Also, the text in the text box needs some padding on the sides.
  4. AXiSS


    Times New Roman! Use a sans serif font such as Arial, Trebuchet, or Verdana. Like others said, overall the site looks cheap, and as if it was made for only one resolution screen (on mine, there's about a 30/70 split on the surrounding blank area).
  5. The nav could use some work, and just center the scrolling text. It's hard to read and it can all fit statically. Also, why are the login labels below the login boxes?
  6. I'm working on a very very simple blog system, and want to allow users to add tags to their blog posts. So I'm wondering how to seperate each tag (from one variable with them seperated by commas) and then how to store each into a seperate row in the tags table, with the same blog_id value. Thanks.
  7. Looks awesome, but the coded version seems a little buggy in Opera.
  8. I'm using Opera, and all it is telling me is "Please wait for the image to load" even though the image is there.
  9. It is the page title that appears in the search engine listing.
  10. Err... it's content is about as obvious as the content of McDonald's Mystery Meat. And as long as you are referencing Youtube, you might get a clue about what aesthetic design is. And the problem isn't just the tables, it is the fact that there is a total lack of any intelligent design displayed on the site.
  11. Oh noez, an Untitled Document. The site looks pretty good except for a few little things: underlines on the navbar rollover, the Times New Roman footer, and the lack of color.
  12. Times New Roman. Use sans serif fonts such as Arial, Trebuchet, and Verdana. Think about adding some contrast to the site, instead of it being all shades of blue.
  13. :(Times New Roman. Use sans serif fonts such as Arial, Trebuchet, or Verdana.
  14. How about some contrasting and bright colors? Your site still looks like it is stuck in the 1990's.
  15. It is just ugly in general. Try a whole new color scheme, layout, and a flat logo.
  16. If you aligned them to the left, you should add something to the right of the image to make them all appear uniform and balanced- some description text or something.
  17. Has to really bum you out, making such a professional design and having them not like it and refer to sites like those with lesser designs. It looks like they want flashy animations and effects.
  18. Looks like a good start for a clean design. I'd just suggest at this point to change the colors- the lime green is a bit too bold, especially when you put that blue on top of it. I'd keep one color, either the blue or the green, and make all the other elements a light gray.
  19. What is wrong with a narrow audience? Sites should have a specific audience, it shows they are purposeful. Sites like Digg and Flickr have a specific audience, yet you wouldn't go around saying they are bad. I don't use either, I'm not part of the audience there, and I don't really have any opinion on those sites. Just because you wouldn't ever use it doesn't make it bad for everyone. I never said I was a god. I actually said that I don't want to be considered a god. I never said my site was any better. Just to point it out, most of your critiques do run along the line of "your site is **** change it its bad", and people are getting fed up right about now.
  20. Looks pretty good and Web 2.0. The brown content body isn't very appealing. The testimonials have a bit too much white space around them, and there is that blue "more" link that is way out of place. Other than that, very good job.
  21. If this was 1995 I would hire you, but unfortunately, we are in 2007 and the Web 2.0 revolution is currently in progress. I'd say scrap your site and research good design.
  22. Look at the site in Opera, you should easily be able to see what is wrong.
  23. I'd say put some space around the logo- move the sidebar content down a bit and maybe make the small grey bordered box shorter and centered in that area it currently is, just to put some white space in.
  24. Look at major sites, like ebay and flickr, then take a look at yours. See how those pages have things like images, bright CONTRASTING colors, and properly distributed whitespace? Matching links, no thick obtrusive bordering, and subtle gradients, a three dimensional experience... all things that make up well designed sites. Look closely at your sight. No contrast. No images. Thick obstrusive bordering. Dark and dull. Odd link styling. Flat flat flat.
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