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  1. Hello, i'm using the plugin recipe card. https://pt.wordpress.org/plugins/recipe-card/ Unfortunly the plugin stopped working because the servers of the owner company seems to have closed of something like that. I'd like to keep using the plugin but this way i can't add or edit recipes as it allways try to connect to the server of the company... Anyone can help me modify this to send only to my own server and keep using the plugin? i have a lot of recipes on my site and it's not a great idea to change plugin and insert all again... The link to the plugin is here: https://pt.wordpress.org/plugins/recipe-card/ Here is the php of the plugin : https://endbox.com/yumprint-recipe.zip Can anyone please help me? yumprint-recipe.php
  2. Hello and thanks for your interest in helping me out. Let me explain a bit better what i need. i'll have 3 computers. computer number 1 will show a diferent image everyday (365 images/year) computer number 2 will show a diferent image every minute (1440 images / day) computer number 3 will show a diferent image every second during one minute (60 images / minute) This needs to be synchonized so when the computer returns to the 0 second is the moment that the computer 2 show the image for the next minute, Does it make sense?
  3. Hello I need to have 3 computers refreshing content every minute at the exact same time. how can i do that? i don't want to use the tag <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="60; URL=http://www.yourdomain.com/yoursite.html"> because it will not refresh syncronized with the computer clock and has i'll have 3 computers side by side it has to be at the exact same time. so i thougth about the refresh be based with the computer clock. Anyone can help?
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