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  1. [quote author=mjdamato link=topic=118259.msg483652#msg483652 date=1165965825] No you do NOT put those "codes" into PHPMyAdmin. PHPMyAdmin is just a front-end tool for administrating your database. You would write database queries into your PHP page to pull the appropriate data from the database to display on your page. If you cannot do THAT then there is no point in your host providing a database! [/quote] Ok, I can do that. Now I need a code that can start me in the right direction... :D
  2. [quote author=thorpe link=topic=118259.msg483156#msg483156 date=1165903349] [quote]The website you've gave me doesn't work for me, because it requires you to code things into the db, which I'm unable to do[/quote] What are you talking about? [/quote] I meant that the codes on that website require you to put those codes into PHPMyAdmin (right?), which I'm unable to do. And [b]wattsup88[/b], which tuturiol do you want me to look at? There are 3 pages of tutorials...
  3. The reason .doc filetypes were made in the first place is because Microsoft wanted customers to buy their product (Word).
  4. I've created a database a long time ago. :D I'm not very familiar with PHP, nor MySQL. I'm on a free web hosting account that [i]has[/i] PHPMyAdmin enabled, but the [i]coding function is disabled[/i]. The website you've gave me doesn't work for me, because it requires you to code things into the db, which I'm unable to do.
  5. Please use the code tags so we can read it better.
  6. Hi. First of all, don't get me wrong by reading the title. I'm [b][u]not[/u][/b] trying to make a dictionary with alll the words in it. I just wanted to make a SEARCHABLE dictionary with some terms coming from a game. I know that MySQL is involved, and I know that i'll take me a while. Can somebody start me off? Thanks. PS: If this is in the wrong forum, please move it. Thanks.
  7. I [i]do[/i] have 1 popup ad... is that why it isn't working?
  8. I've saved the code like you told me to do, but I didn't see anything about GD Library... if you want to double-check, [url=http://free.hostultra.com/~halotrilogy/info.php]here's the link[/url]. PS: The code author said you only needed PHP, and nothing else.
  9. I have used one of your scripts called "Random Image Rotator". It's supposed to display a random image every time you load up the page. I've inserted the code into a file named "rotate.php" and have changed the necessary variables to make it work. All my images are in the "images" folder, and I haven't placed this file in a folder. Here's the code for it: [code]<?php // Change the folder name to your one in the line below $folder = "images"; srand( time() ); if ($directory = @opendir($folder)) { while (($image = readdir($directory)) !== false) { if ( eregi( '.(jpg|gif)$', $image ) ) { $images[] = $image; } } closedir($directory); } $image = $images[rand() % sizeof( $images )]; if ( eregi( '.jpg$', $image ) ) { header( "Content-Type: image/jpeg" ); } else { header( "Content-Type: image/gif" ); } header( "Content-Length: " . filesize( $folder."/".$image ) ); readfile( $folder."/".$image ); ?>[/code] Can anybody detect what's wrong with this code? Note that the code didn't say anything about needing a MySQL database (which I don't have; I'm on a free hosting account). If you must see the file which I've placed this code into, [url=http://free.hostultra.com/~halotrilogy/rotate.php]here it is[/url]. Thanks in advance.
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