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  1. SELECT * FROM calendar_events WHERE datetime BETWEEN '2010-01-01 00:00:00' AND '2010-01-31 23:59:59' A very very very basic SELECT statement that doesn't seem to work. This is part 1 of a complicated JOIN I am doing. But since this doesn't seem to pull up any records from the database, the complicated JOIN will not work. Thanks for your help!
  2. From what I understand you would like to create that automatically uploads a file onto the server upon clicking the save button. Although this sounds really cool, I don't think it could be very useful in the industry. All testing should be done on a separate "development" server. Many web developers install a server onto their computer so they can quickly test php files locally. You should never test files on the live server, as it opens your website to a plethora of security vulnerabilities. The only time someone would want to upload a file onto the production server is when the files are complete and a last minute test is run to make sure everything is working how it's suppose to on the live website.
  3. Overflow: auto; clears your float. A floated div is partly taken out of the flow of the content. I say partly because it pushes things down, but past the parent div, things would "ignore" the div. Is pretty complicated, but once you start floating divs all over the place you'll know exactly what I mean.
  4. 1) Move the right column div to be the first child the parent div. So push it above the text. 2) You need to clear your floats. Add overflow: auto; in the parent div's css. 3) Display: block; does not need to be stated. A floated div automatically inherits display: block; 4) Add content in the right column div. There isn't anything in there at the moment.
  5. That is why php6 has completely dropped support for php short tags...  ;)
  6. Old host seems to work faster, but I still think that both servers have terrible performance. I use dsl and although I don't have the "fastest" internet connection on the block, I still usually get better download speeds than 11 kb/sec. My connection reaches the 90 kb/sec at times and 60 kb/sec at very congested times. You may need to change hosts.... :-\
  7. [quote author=O link=topic=106377.msg907452#msg907452 date=1212765096] My name is the sound women make when they see me... [/quote] lol! - Isn't there a problem with the forum/registration if it allows user names with just one letter?
  8. Hey - that post was probably mine. I have used google adsense before, and through my experience I learned that the more ads you have on the website the lower the click per view ratio, which means you make a lot less $$$. I recommend taking all the ads down since the money you would make from them is nominal (insignificant). However, you would have a better chance to grow a community of users since the ads wouldn't distract them or interfere with the purpose of the site. You can always re-establish the ads later on...
  9. There are websites that provide such services. I remember one time reading on a website where you would be in charge of keeping track of all the music/songs bought/played and pay accordingly afterwards. This should only be a short term solution, as you would be a reseller, and having to pay the "middle man."
  10. the problem with absolute positioning is that it take your div and puts it out of the flow of document - completely. The menu and the flash now have no correlation. To remedy this problem, you would want to make the flash object to be normally positioning, and make the menu absolutely position. Absolute positioned divs go over top.
  11. I've seen this done multiply times, but I can't figure out how. Google isn't very friendly for this... :-\ Let us say I have an image like so: +-----+-----+ | A | B | +-----+-----+ Is it possible to use css to tell it "crop only A out" and make it the new background? And then say, "Crop only B out" and make it the background for another div (totally separate from A)?
  12. I strongly urge you to buy a book. Trying to save a couple bucks by using online tutorials is a huge trade off. You may save like $25, but you definitely wouldn't get neither the guaranteed professionalism nor detailed information a book provides. Just go to Barnes and Nobles and pick out a good book from the shelf.
  13. You should ask yourself that, and make it better. I'm actually in the process of creating my own social networking website... and it will have new features, but of course, that is classified information - for obvious reasons.
  14. It isn't a good idea to change all "px" to "em" because the whole template and website wasn't created with such measurements in mind. Since they were made in pixel you have to keep it that way. Otherwise, there is no benefit to using ems in the first place.
  15. Worse book in the world. Has nothing to do with php what so ever. It has everything but the things you will use. PHP and Mysql by Example is a good book!
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