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  1. TheFilmGod

    Centre Div in Middle of Screen

    You also need to set the body parameters. #body { margin: 10px auto 30px auto; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; } You are encouraged to use em for the font size if you'd like the website to scale properly, but for simplicity I put font-size: 12px; then: #main_div { margin: 0 auto; width: 200px; } Html: <body> <div id="main_div"> <p>CONTENT</p> </div> </body> ...................... You must put content in the div for it to show up in the page! - unless you specify an exact height, which is discouraged.
  2. TheFilmGod

    Good Programming and Web Design Books

    Worse book in the world. Has nothing to do with php what so ever. It has everything but the things you will use. PHP and Mysql by Example is a good book!
  3. TheFilmGod

    FTP Programs

    Alright, maybe godaddy isn't the great host. BUT WHEN IT COMES DOWN to an FTP tool godaddy has a good one. So don't be basing your opinion on a godaddy's ftp because of their cpanel!!!
  4. TheFilmGod

    FTP Programs

    A good alternative is internet explorer. Simply write in: ftp://yourwebsite.com . Make sure you have your option on, "Allow FTP pages shown up" in the -> Tools ->Options. The best one I have ever used was the FTP that my webserver provider provides, Godaddy.com. They have this javascript one that never fails. Check if you host has one to provide you.

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