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  1. how much will you pay if I come up with a good name? Names like this can cost some companies millions of dollars. So why would I offer my creativity juices for free when there is a define opportunity for me (and you).
  2. Cyberrobot - YES, server side validation is a must! Even the actual values in the dropdowns can be spoofed/edited therefore do not ever trust the values specfically provided. Who would have thought that?
  3. Agreed. HOWEVER, this would not be so "simple" to implement and would require additional validation since javascript might be disabled.
  4. Sex is by far the best. haha. Very true. However, this is quite difficult to do strictly in a gym environment. :/
  5. About to go to the gym! I try to go everyday but since I work at a summer camp (camp counselor) I always get a good amount of exercise during the day. It's never enough though! Any suggestions on exercises
  6. what is there to critique? nice choice of a template? It's obvious u used a template because your online work isn't anywhere close to the website you linked. Furthermore, you make a terrible job at trying to cover up your use of a template! Here is what you need to consider for the future: * Add padding to the headings. The background image is a bit off in scaling. * Don't add empty <p>'s * Why are you using multiple iframes? * Random hr tags with no styling. Does not fit the css styling well * fake links. fake companies that are "your" customers? Maybe just a few links are broken (I hope)
  7. Are you doing this for free? Because your quality of your website doesn't speak "$50 per hour" as I presume many professionals charge. Drop the purple background. Go with white. Waste of space at the top. Make the logo smaller and fill the space around it. Tabs need to change over hover. That is the only way I know they are links Make the text smaller and use more line-height (spacing) between lines. The yellow basket should be converted into a shopping cart. Do not reinvent the wheel; uncommon icons will go unnoticed by users.
  8. Pretty good. Minor points: center the links on your main navigation. The padding on the left = padding on the right. The "more items" link doesn't change to cursor pointer when you hover over it. Use hoverIntent over the tabbed content. This is a jquery specific plug in but you can do something similar on virtually any js framework. The bottom of the page gets rather busy with 3 columns. Cut it down.
  9. Use a white background. Pad the navigation. Add spacing for your headings. Style your headings using a different font - perhaps one with sans-serif. Looks better IMO. The colors of your website should reflect the colors in your logo. Cheers.
  10. hmmm I don't know. It seems like you keep copying your design layouts from facebook or google+. PReviously your site mimicked FB now it resembles google+. You won't win the social networking battle if you just copy layouts. What's interesting is that google+ is a remake of fb. So where does that put you at? This is not necessarily a criticism; it is something to think about.
  11. The OP is correct. Chrome has poor GIF support. In July 2009 animated GIF's completely failed to load and show up. Now that's all patched up but the animations are always buggy and sometimes the animation do not repeat when you recreate a new element with a non-looping GIF animation. If you would like a bulletproof work around, you can create a png sprite image that is animated using some nice javascript. Please note that for most cases a simple GIF should suffice. HOWEVER, recenty (as in yesterday) I had to go the PNG sprite method because I required a non-looping GIF anaimation to show up numerous times in a page. Chrome caches the image and does not re-run the animation when a new instance of the GIF image is created in javascript. THus the requirment for me to use sprite images.
  12. Very good user interface! Much easier to navigate than FB in my opinion. The only criticism I would have is that your website is TOO MUCH like facebook at the moment. Perhaps you are planning on adding many features in the future but at the end of the day will one or two features get the crowds to switch over? Keep that in mind! Aise from that good job! keep it up.
  13. Perhaps: Dishwasher and water safe rubber? When you just say "top rack dishwasher safe" I am not sure to What or Whom you are referring? Even as a caption under the picture it's not a complete sentence. Perhaps adding a comma or removing the period would work. Grammar isn't that big of an issue as long as it doesn't make your potential customers scratch their head and say WHAT? .
  14. Good note. For performance I would be cautious to load all comments at once. In some cases where I know that the total number of "comments" or objects would be less than 50 for sure, I would load all of them at once. For anything that is ever-growing and could potentially reach several thousand, I would load only the most recent comments and use AJAX.
  15. I'm inclined to say that session variables would be better. Yes, a multidimensional array would be necessary with all that data stored. The only reason I am leaning to this method is because I do not want AJAX to consistently have to upload the list of already fetched ids. Or worse yet, have javascript filter out content after a user downloads additional rows AND previously fetched data. That would be counter-intuitive (performance wise). Anyone else with suggestions? And thank you to the comments thus far! This greatly helps me figure out a solution!
  16. Terrific chrisdburns! After some thought I was thinking of doing something just like that. Follow up question: for performance issues where should I store the array of comment ids originally fetched? Furthermore, a user could potentially have more than one page to my website open so I would either have to save a bunch of different arrays at the same time or have the array upload via AJAX the first time the user clicks on "view more." Lastly, is there an "efficient" method in which I can make mysql do the dirty work of fetching recent comments except those with the comment_id of 1, 20, 2239, 12, etc. Or should this filtering be done inside the php application? Thank you in advance! This is extremely helpful.
  17. I wasn't sure which thread to put this question. It seemed more of miscellaneous help. I've googled but haven't found anything yet. Perhaps I'm using the wrong keywords. I am creating a social-networking website where people can vote UP/DOWN a set of "stickies" (basically comments). To make navigation very easy the system would initially pull the top 20 most popular posts first. If the user clicks on "view more" than the next 20 records would be pulled using AJAX (in descending order of popularity). Now I can do that no biggie. HOWEVER, the posts may gain/lose their rating score from concurrent voting and thus when the system queries for the next 20 records, a duplicate record may come up since a post initially in spot 20 might get shifted to spot 21 and be fed to the AJAX feed. How do I prevent such duplicate records from being shown to the user? Is there a way around this? Thank you in advance and apologizes if this question gets moved into a different thread.
  18. While you can always get better performance using native javascript; however the cross-browser compatibility jquery provides is AMAZING. a 10ms performance difference is nothing I'm worried about.
  19. Thank you Mr Adam and WebDeveloper. I did google it (first thing I ever do when I have question) but instead of punching in "qr" I kept doing barcode. So rather than getting the smartphone 2d barcode I kept getting the typical store 1d barcode. Anyway, I figured it. Thank you!
  20. Hey Everyone! Anyone know of a free/cheap smartphone barcode PHP generator? Thanks in advance!
  21. Flash is turned off. Website looks half dead. Try making an error message or something.
  22. TheFilmGod

    Clear float

    You should almost ALWAYS be able to clear a set of block elements using overflow: hidden to the parent element. (you could also use clearfix but it's discouraged unless you HAVE to). If you don't have a parent element to clear the set of elements just use "clear: both" in the element that directly follows the floated elements. Here's 2 examples <ul> <li>float me</li> <li>float me 2 </li> </ul> In this example you could simply use. ul { overflow: hidden; } ul li { float: left; } To clear the floats. <ul> <li>Float me</li> <li>Float me too!</li> <li class="clear">Don't float me... clear me!</li> </ul> Here you can't use the parent to clear the floats so you have to default to clearing it on the next element. In this case, li.clear is being cleared. ul li { float: left; } ul li.clear { clear: both; } Clearfix is another great clearing tool but only under specific scenarios should anyone be REQUIRED to use it. When overflow: hidden; and clear: both; does the trick clearfix is unnecessary. Hope this helps.
  23. Is it necessary to validate data when let's say - adding a rating to the mysql via ajax? Is it possible for a hacker to send an ajax request via POST to begin with?
  24. I'm using localhost to test some basic ajax .load() function through the jquery library. Chrome and FF fail to work with localhost, while IE works like a charm (for a change). It is quite rare for me to like IE more than FF... Any suggestions? Using firebug, I can see that FF retrieves the response back correctly and properly but nothing comes up on the page. Is there security changes I have to make? Any comments or suggestions welcome!!
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