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  1. Can i suggest you something like this Just create a test.php file and do a small query and see what it does; A) $DBSERVER = ""; $DATABASENAME = "somedb"; $USERNAME = "root"; $PASSWORD = "password"; $slq=query.... b) can you able to see your local server when you type http:\\localhost\anyhtmlfile.
  2. In my opinion, your password is not stored in md5 format, if you are using phpmyadmin than edit the record and select the function column to md5, this way it will convert your stored password value to md5 format. Any also try adding this into your code and see what it does. if ($num == 1) { echo "No records found";} goodluck
  3. use the if and switch condition to verify your link value and than set your navigaton. If hope this helps. a valuable website is www.dynamicdrive.com for dynamic menus.
  4. <?php $str ="0.1.1"; if (strlen($str) ==5) { echo "0$str";} // 6 ?>
  5. please guys add your code, so we can look at it. thanks
  6. is your application on webserver or localwebserver? if you change the location than your sql connect variable need to be changed.
  7. yes you can use functions like strpos strlen http://www.phpbuilder.com/manual/en/function.strlen.php
  8. You mean installed dns server on my webserver? By the way my incoming broadband is assigning a dynamic ip everytime i connect. Do i need to have a static ip from my isp to configure on dns. please advise?
  9. How do i host my application/website on my server. I got a very high spec server and a registered domain. Can someone advise the next step to set up my own webserver for external users.
  10. Hi, Recently I built a php application and wish to publish this on my server. (Yes offcourse I have a registered domain and a very high spec server). Can someone advise how to make my application available to internet users using my server. I don't wish to use any hosting company. any information is highly appreciated.
  11. I was just wondering, if I am missing something for not using PEAR in my application.
  12. Hi, I am a newbee to Php AND wish to know what PEAR is and how does it works, what sort of configuration we need to do in our php.ini etc. By the way i am using php 5.1 and the latest version of mysql. What do i need to know to incorporate PEAR in my development.
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