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  1. Yes! i got it rite..and my server completely connected..

    let me share how i recover this problem.

    if you install mysql under windows system, sometime it will suddenly unable to start the service,

    i face this issue quite a few times already, finally i found a solution for it,


    1st step check the error, under your installation path for mysql, check the data/mysql.err, it the error showing you something like this ..


        050213 20:43:37 InnoDB: Starting shutdown…

        050213 20:43:40 InnoDB: Shutdown completed; log sequence number 0 1051715

        050213 20:43:40 [Note] C:\Web\mysql\bin\mysqld-nt: Shutdown complete


    this should be the log file having problem!


    2nd step remove the ib_logfile0 or ib_logfile1 in the same folder


    3rd step restart the mysql …


    da da da… mysql service is running again


    thx to wildteen88,fenway and ah knight's blog...


  2. hello,

    Im getting this problem when i try to start mysql server...

    when i try to right click and select 'start the service'...the lights

    still red :o...i try go to MyComputer>Manage>Services and Applications>Services

    i try to start mysql on properties...prompt error came out and says "Could not start MySQL service on local computer. Error 1067: The process terminated unexpectedly"


    any answers would help..TQ guys!

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