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  1. Hi, I've never really done ajax before. Right now, I'm trying to populate my page with the current number of users that meet a specific sql criteria. Like so: $sql="SELECT * FROM usertable WHERE currentpage = 5"; I want this to update as more users enter or leave the page. Is this easy to do? How would I go about doing this, and are there any good tutorials?
  2. Thanks for your reply, but could you explain a little further on your opinion on the design. What makes you feel that the design isn't professional and is more tacky?
  3. I know and I didn't receive any responses then either
  4. Hello, I am looking for sponsors (or just advice on how to get sponsors), so I can move forward with my website. I'll provide you with a little background as to what my site is first so you have a general idea. RushHunt.com is an online scavenger hunt website that gives away prizes for free. Everything is paid for by advertisers, and in exchange the scavenger hunt will go through their website. The gain is it will allow my users to search, and learn about specific products or deals on the advertisers website. RushHunt needs first time sponsors to get "the ball rolling", and that's why I have posted here. I am looking for companies interested in becoming sponsors, so if you have a business I'd love to work something out with you. If not, any advice on how to get sponsors, or if you know any websites that you think I should contact for sponsorship I would love to hear what you have to say. Thanks!
  5. Hello all! I am almost done with my website and would greatly appreciate it if the community looked over it for me. The url is www.rushHunt.com. Thank-you, chmpdog
  6. I set up a subdomain for my website using godaddy and this code in my htacess: RedirectMatch 301 ^/photo/(.*)$ http://photo.urbanfishingshow.com/$1 It works great redirecting except one minor issue. If you go to the website http://photo.urbanfishingshow.com/Season-1-Episode-2-Fly-Fishing-for-Huge-Browns/ it will redirect to the non dynamic version http://photo.urbanfishingshow.com/index.php?uri=Season-1-Episode-2-Fly-Fishing-for-Huge-Browns automatically. Any ideas how to fix this and keep the url dynamic with the redirect? Thank you.
  7. consider locking the menu so it stays in place as the user scrolls
  8. It looks pretty good, but the images on the right should be the same size
  9. How can I advertise my website for free and in a way that will not hurt my page rank? Thanks
  10. there is a correlation: http://www.random.org/analysis/#visual
  11. well so much for that lol also I like the site a lot, but maybe preload the images for seamless switches.
  12. I like it, but don't stretch that image... it's awkward.
  13. Recently I noticed my site's performance went down considerably. I want to make sure this isn't just my browser/connection. Is it slow for you, if so how can I fix it? http://www.rushhunt.com
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