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  1. I tried uploading the files but I have found a link between the code written and register_globels = on because the way the old code was created. Simple fix is to turn if off and the Session_register should work. But still looking for better options.
  2. I have attached the file in question. this is the page loaded in the IFrame once the values are set in this page its not using the Sessions Variables in the main page.
  3. I am In the process of updating to a Newer machine. With this I am converting code over to use Apache 2.4.20 / PHP 5.6.22 / MySQL 5.7.13. I have updated code connections to MySQL. Everything on the View/Display on the Web site is working correctly. The issues I am having are on the modification of data. Issue 1) I have a New/Edit form the has an IFRAME in it. On the IFRAME page there is a onchange.form.submit() with _POST the values are correctly redisplayed on the IFRAME, put when form is submitted the values are not pasted to the main page from the IFRAME. Issue 2) I have a query string that is set to insert, I can run the query string in SQLyog and it works with warning messages but the inert string fails using php/MySQL. is there an easy fix for this. I know I could rebuild query string based on if Var Is Null. eliminating "Blank" inserts. If there is a switch or variable I can switch in apache/php/MySQL that would help resolve these issues that would be great Hoping someone could point me in the right direction to find a solution. Currect Machine is running Apache 2.2.22/ PHP 5.2.1/MySQL 5.0.51a
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