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  1. jakebur01's post in I am not getting an image save using imagejpeg() was marked as the answer   
    This a regular image upload script I've had and used for a long time.  The time has come where I need to add a watermark on images for a particular site.  The image upload part is working correctly, meaning the regular upload script puts an image and thumbnail into the directory.
    I'm attempting to add in this watermark code to watermark the image after it has been resized and put in the directory.  You'll see I added the watermark code in after the resizeImage function of the upload script.
    However, the watermark code is not taking the image and resaving it to the directory.  It will in the script above output it to the browser if I comment out the imagejpeg and uncomment the header and imgpng, etc.
    If I take the watermark code alone and put it in a separate test.php and key in the relative paths to the image that was uploaded using the upload script, it will work and resave the image with the watermark.
    So, there must be something in the upload script that is conflicting with the watermark script I've added in.  When I get home I'll try repositioning it.  I may try moving it to after the thumbnail is created and see if it works there.
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