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  1. Notepadd++!! You can download a plugin for file management, I've started using it recently. PHP function recognition is built in, just needs to be turned on. It also gives a popup of the required paramaters. There is standard and regex search and replace. I'm not to sure about FTP access, I believe that there is a plugin for that, I just open one the old fashioned way
  2. My view is very similar to premiso, but I'd put them down in a different order; Notepad++ and Netbeans
  3. [quote author=keldorn link=topic=54859.msg1310898#msg1310898 date=1258432827] [code]Try typing 'str_' and then hitting 'Ctrl + Space Bar', code hint??[/code] Very cool, I somehow missed this part of what you wrote, but I tried it out. Is there a way to make that automatic? ctrl+spacebar is not very fast. [/quote] Yes there is, open Notepad++; Settings -> Preferences Go to the 'Backup / Auto-Completion' tab. You can configure your settings from there. I tend to check 'Enable auto-completion on each input', select 'Function completion', 'From the 1th character' and check 'Function paramaters hint on input'.
  4. [quote author=keldorn link=topic=54859.msg1303608#msg1303608 date=1257419960] Okay ladies and gents. I use Notepad++  (Waits for pitchforks), yes I memorize and type out functions and methods and do everything without code hints or anything. [/quote] It seems you may as well be using Notepad. Notepad++ comes wit a lot of good features, one of them being autocomplete. Try typing 'str_' and then hitting 'Ctrl + Space Bar', code hint??
  5. I got the coin and cup. Then found a remote and a battery. Out the battery in the remote. Found a Broom that I can't reach and a small chest I can't open. Now I'm lost :s
  6. This line $sqlCCUpdate = "UPDATE tblCustomer set CuCCType = '" . $CCardType . "', CuCCNum = '" . $CCNum . "', CuCCSVC = '" . $CCCSV . "', CCExpDate= '" . $CCYear . "',CCName='" . $CCName . '" WHERE CuSessID = "' . $_COOKIE['PHPSESSID'] . '"; should be $sqlCCUpdate = "UPDATE tblCustomer set CuCCType = '" . $CCardType . "', CuCCNum = '" . $CCNum . "', CuCCSVC = '" . $CCCSV . "', CCExpDate= '" . $CCYear . "',CCName='" . $CCName . '" WHERE CuSessID = '" . $_COOKIE['PHPSESSID'] . "'"; You had the single and double quotes the wrong way round and you needed the closing double quote. EDIT: same problem in the query above it
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