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  1. Thank you fugix and web-developer for the nice comments. I do simple designs at dkntemplates.com but my expertise is on converting designs to html/css, Joomla template and wordpress themes.
  2. Hello Guys, Please review my site http://darken.net63.net/. Thanks, Dan
  3. Ok.. yes! that's a good point. i will update the text color.
  4. Ok.. Thanks for the comment...what improvements do i need to do?
  5. Hello, Please give your feedback on this site. http://www.dkntemplates.com/previews/blue-peel/ Thanks... Dan
  6. Please review also my 2nd free css web template. http://www.phpfreaks.com/forums/website-critique/please-criticize-my-2nd-free-css-web-template/ direct link: http://www.dkntemplates.com/previews/brown-peel/ Thanks, Dan Biscaro dknMan www.dkntemplates.com
  7. Hi migeode, Thank you for the great comment. It encourage me to build more web templates. Thanks again and i hope you continue visiting www.dkntemplates.com. I would be releasing more web templates soon. =) Dan Biscaro DknMan www.dkntemaplates.com
  8. Just bought my new domain, please visit www.dkntemplates.com.
  9. I just bought my new domain.. You can now visit my site on www.dkntemplates.com.
  10. Hello guys, Please check and criticize my 2nd free css web template. http://darken.net63.net/dknTemplates/previews/brown-peel/ Thanks, Dan
  11. Thanks for the input. I will note that and try to do it on my next web template..
  12. Thanks for the comment.. I will fixing the banner images..
  13. Hello, Thank you for reading this thread. I would like to show off my first web template. And i would like to ask for your comments. Preview Link: http://darken.net63.net/dknTemplates/previews/orange-peel/ Thanks.. Dan
  14. <div id="maincontent"> <div class="innertube" style="text-align: center;"> <div style="width:50px;margin:0 auto;background-color:red; text-align: left;">This is center div</div> </div> </div> adding text align: center would center the div in Internet Explorer.
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